30 Replies to “Atheist College Professor dies and sees hell and demons. It changed his life, Part 2”

  1. Jesus is our Lord. He saves even the most wicked. I feel empowered and enlightened more today, this testimony has touched the deepest part of my heart. Thank you for sharing this, God bless you

  2. This is a load of crap. What’s so special about you that Jesus himself would come for you? Non believers who go to hell go there for a reason and stay there. There is no out. So stop lying

  3. i had grown up in criminal ways of life thats the only way i know how to put it. and i changed the way i think and do . but i think very deep i think outside the box im not one of the sheeple im not brainwashed like so many are and today and i always believed in god and his laws . and thing is the ones that one the wars and the ones that have taken over right there his -story . my point thau shall not kill its in the ten command ments but are court system can judge ones life and and system decides what other country is not living fright so we got to free it and we go kill abunch of there people . but when a family has a biznes and they have a circle of others in on it when they kill within that circle cuz one brakes a rule they are evil criminals but not good old uncle sam fightimng for are freedom killing those people that never did nothing to us and never even tried to do but besause a proaganda machine tells u they did it must be true WHO IS REALLY LOST HERE AND IM AGAINST ALL KILLING UNLESS ONE DEFENDING THERE FAMILY. and we the people are not the power or the say cuz feds still have weed against the law were the lastest poll shows like 60 percent what it legal so why is not legal if we the people have the say why are dads in prison for weed a drug that no one died from . O MY BAD I JUST WATCHED REFER MADNESS THE GOVERNMENT DONT LIE TO US AND BIG PHARMA HELPS CURE CANCER AND THOSE CANCER CLINICS THAT REALLY CURED CANCER THEY MUST BE FAKE BUT WE A NATION OF GOD WHAT GOD THIS WORLDY GOD MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT THE MOST HIGH IS COMING O JUDGE THOSE THAT JUDGE THOSE THAT PLAY GOD THOSE THAT THINK THEY CAN CHOOSE LIFE OR DEATH > WAKE UP PEOPLE AND WHY CANT KIDS PRAY IN SCHOOL ANY MORE AND WHY THEY TEACHING ARE KIDS ITS OK TO BE A TRANNY BUT THIS GODS NATION RIGHT U ALL ARE SO BRAINWASHED AND THOSE MUSLIMS IN THE CAVES DID 911 they nust live in magic caves in the dessert but wait how did TALIBAN DO IT THEY AGAINST TV COMPUTER PLAYING SPORTS SO HOW DID THEY PLAN WHEN THEY DO NOT USE COMPUTERS

  4. this is real that happened to me and i thought i would share since i see some comments,i left illinois walking in the spirit filled with the holy ghost and miracles happened i either heard with my ears not my mind from god or the lord,we ended up at a skillet concert and many miracles happened and i was told to tell those around me we would be going to it and they wouldn't be working it happened i am clean sober and i know god is real we were in the crowd when the spirit took me over and i heard from god he said look around you and tell everyone the lead singer of skillet is going to call you on stage so i did some laughed my friends that went on this journey with me didn't they had see i was telling them the future and it was happening,anyhow the lead singer of skillet came on stage and pointed at me and said that is the man that the lord put on our hearts in the back room he has a message from the lord and i shared this is true and believe me i would not making something like this up if i wanted to go to heaven ,i believe this would be on the grounds of denieing and we know what happened we do that if you deny me i will deny you infront of the father so I know it happened and those around me seen it and it happened and if you want to believe in the lord and you doubt have the faith of a spec of sand just a mustard seed in the bible and ask him you will feel his power come over you the closer you get I did and i still do for he is alpha and omega he is love and justice he is compassion and truth Amen!

  5. As a child you were saved by grace. It was not of yourself. He was giving you a second chance to repent. For God wanted an atheist (who was saved without knowing it) to be an example of God's mercy. I was saved for years and never knew it….. Until my eyes were opened showing me when I consciously believed. It was so easy, I thought it was nothing significant. Yet God saves by grace. Not by works.. not by good deeds. By simply having faith like a child.. like you were when you believed. Its why the haters want to remove manger scenes from public places.. and out of schools…. Its that simple to become a child of God. The hard part is deciding to pursue the knowledge needed to mature in Christ. That is a huge battleground filled with "fake good news" and manipulations…. For those who truly want? God knowingly has provided a few good teachers. Teachers that we must find as we wade through the many who are opportunists and people pleasers. Opportunist teachers who know how to say what selfish believers want to hear..

    2 Timothy 4:3 is a warning about what we are all up against today!

    "For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine.
    Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great
    number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear."

    A great number of teachers will have many words to say. But, nothing the Holy Spirit can use to make Himself one with you. That is why "fake good news" is so popular today. A real teacher will shock you with how he will teach things that will make you realize how genuine God is. A God who will not tolerate emotional appeal nonsense.. Nor, teachings that demand self inflicted punishment on self, as to wrongfully show how obedient you want to be to God in a way that only sees God as a super human master…

    But, without sound doctrine.. For only a few will teach sound doctrine. Many will be promoting commercialized ersatz spirituality. 2 Timothy 4:3 warns that there will be a great number of teachers that will not have what it takes to get one to truly know the Word of God. Jesus was the Word made flesh… So be it.

  6. I watch videos like this to fight my doubt about Gods existence. Am in a big big confusion and my mind keep saying there is no God.people of God please help me,and pray for me to take me out of this thinking.I tried a lot but it looks I couldn't. But God knows how hard I was looking for him through out my life.I hate hate this feeling of mine.

  7. In tears….Godbless everyone and this experience is amazing..thank you so much for sharing. And I will pray for all the folks that gave this man's journey thumbs down. Becuase their hearts are obviously missing Jesus. And that's sad and scary after hearing this man's experience. Be safe all and love each other as god loves us. Amen

  8. Thank you so much for your amazing testimony I'm sure its touched a lot of lives including mine🙏 Thank you Jesus for your love and grace, use me Lord to reach the lost…The hand of God be on my life to show me the way…Amen!🙏🙏🙏💖

  9. I wish everybody turns to Jesus Lord to feel his unconditional love. I pray everyday for human being, there is nobody stay out from my prayer, asking Jesus to help everybody so nobody will go hell. JESUS is my life! Whoever you are EXCEPT JESUS AS YOUR SAVIOR AND YOU WILL FEEL HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE TOWARD YOU THAT NOBODY CAN GIVE THAT KIND OF LOVE TO YOU. JESUS IS WAITING FOR YOU.

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