23 Replies to “CS50 2019 – Lecture 0 – Computational Thinking, Scratch”

  1. 40:20 In my 11th grade co sci class, that meow became the din of the class!

    Great lecture, Professor Malan! You gave the most comprehensive break-down of ASCII, Unicode & RGB as they apply to text, or just keyboard inputs. So easy to grasp, that I questioned its place in Ivy League curriculum. (Guess our degrees are just branded 😉 Having already known about the basics of binary and bits, I was surprised to learn about "unary!"

    P.S. The video's intro was great, and I think I see wordplay in the title too.
    -Steven, 19

  2. I have been into programming for as long as I remember, have been working as software dev yet I still watch these videos, don't know what it is by I like listening to Mr. Malan speak.

  3. Thank You Sir. I'm from India, was googling for beginners Python course. I found a Quora answer, that first learn basics i.e CS50. I did not knew about CS50 earlier. I listened to complete Lecture. Thanks for elaborating on the 0s and 1s and ASCII, Unicode etc. This made me aware of the History, foundation and roots of computer science. 🙂

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