Day in the Life of a Computer Science Student • Queen's University

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Day in the Life of a Computer Science Student • Queen’s University //
Okay… it’s actually 3 days in the life of a computer science student but I needed the familiar title haha. I was meant to do a day but then I ended up spending most of it sitting in front of my computer staring at a screen (classic!). That didn’t result in enough content so I extended the vlog, hope you understand lol! Let me know if you enjoyed this video and leave any questions or comments down below! Lots of love and thanks for watching. It means a lot. x


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37 Replies to “Day in the Life of a Computer Science Student • Queen's University”

  1. How much money are the people making in the domain of Computer Science after graduating from Queen's university ??? and how difficult is it to be admitted to Queen's university for persuing masters of Computer Science?

  2. What coding program do u use? Did u have any knowledge of coding going into Queens or no? Your vlog really made me want to go to Queens! Coming from a highschool student in grade 12 from toronto

  3. Just been browsing youtube for cs. I took the first cs course at uni got a A. Supper nervous if I can do it. But if I do not try I already have failed. Got a A and i get the basic concepts down of if, while, for, classes, object, functions, variables, data types, and arrays. Trying to learn the weed out course data structure. Hopefully in 3-4 years I can get this degree.

  4. Hey everyone! I just posted a Q&A video about my experience studying computer science at university and talked through some of the questions that were asked here. I linked to it in the description so check it out! 🤓

  5. I heard that Queen’s is a whit dominant school is that true? Not trying to be racist, I just heard a lot people saying this about Queen’s and was wondering if there are any other cultures in the community? Thank you!!

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