DOES YOUR LECTURE SEAT CHOICE DEFINE YOU?! Types Of People In Lectures *Accurate*

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The types of people in lectures. The people that stay on Facebook, the people that ask questions in the lectures. The people that don’t turn up to lectures, is it really bad not to turn up to lectures and just watch your professors online? Should I turn up to my lectures? Watch this video to learn all about the politics of lecture seating (the exact quote that inspired me from Jack Edwards), where to sit to avoid having questions asked to you by your professor. NBA Highlights, Facebook posts, and sleeping are easily the most common things that happen at University…. Should you sit at the back, the front or the middle of a lecture, UK, US or anywhere!! Watch to find out how to know. The Optimal Seat In A Lecture.

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I'm just gonna have a wander over to the post-grad building so guys welcome back to another video on my channel now today we're going to be talking about lecture seating arrangements because you know it's no secret that when you have no clue what's going on in a lecture you want to sit at the back right now I'm off to go and see my friend at IDI to ask his opinion I think if you go to university it's pretty clear that certain people and certain groups of people sit in certain areas of the lecture the people that want to ask questions the people that want to avoid having questions asked to them and the people that just have no clue what's going on it's a very complicated thing lettuce in a lecture you have to place yourself just right so this was the original small painting is transpired into this but let's go and ask my friend Eddie what he thinks at watching this back in the Edit and I may just point out that this interaction was definitely not staged definitely not hey I'm making a video yeah what type of people said the front of a lecture what type said they like the middle and then more types in the back like what do you reckon what do you reckon I reckon when you're trying really hard and you don't mind what people care about you used to the front yeah the best and those kids that were no those kids they were really good in high school they were like to really try hard kids in high school and they'd come to university said don't pretend to be really cool so they trying to send the middle so thank you they still learnt they still want to learn a lot but I just want it yeah yeah I see actually that yeah yeah Jesus through the back of the line kids yeah hmm you know I probably agree with that we're gonna we're gonna break you down more in a bit watching you do a side solo enjoy you yo right guys so it's now time to look at the lecture seating arrangements and kind of associate the groups and the type of people that sit in these type of places now this is just generic from my experience and it may not always be accurate but I think there is a fair degree of accuracy in this considering up into two universities two different sides of the world and pretty much is the similar sort of thing that happens so let me know in the comments down below if you experienced the same thing or you think I'm right or wrong leave a like on this video if you do enjoy it and I'll be making many more in the upcoming weeks but starting off you can see here I've got my diagram over the lecture now this is just the generic lecture theater I think you can all agree it's got the middle the front the back and the two sides the two walkways first up we're gonna start at the very front I'm going to highlight the first row is for the the international students that are genuinely kind of clueless there's just so much danger of being caught out by the lecturer for talking or even if you're close to the front the first three rows let's say let's highlight them again first three rows it's just so close to the front of the classroom that there's a chance you're gonna get called out by the lecturer and they're gonna ask you a question and you're gonna have no clue and it's just embarrassing it's mainly international students that see the front and they just don't understand the danger of being called out by the lecturer let's move on to the front sides the front sides are an interesting one once again this saw barrier here I think you'll find it's where people if they're late and they're coming into the lecture and they don't want to get in trouble or make make a scene they just sneak into one of these sizes because it's just easy to slip in unnoticed and no more lever no you're late or once again if you kind of don't know anyone in the class you start kind of you know you don't you know how many friends in the class that's when I probably say you start moving back up to the you know the back left and right side sees you know you just want to kind of have a nice peaceful actually get on with some like listen but not be too close to the front that's where you go moving on to the middle the middle is probably the most populated part of elected year so we're talking about rows probably I don't know let's say four so this bigger rectangle here this is this is the most populated part of the lecture theatre this is when you get clumps of your friends sitting together this is where most people kind of optimize for unless there's a few different types of groups in this row the first type of group is the group our lines are called the efforts now the efforts are the people that just pretty much come to the lecture so they feel good about themselves and spend the whole time on Facebook just browsing and looking at random videos and all that random stuff the second group of people they're sitting in the middle are the tea hechas now these guys are the trihard is they kind of low-key set the front of the middle and they basically want to maintain their social status by looking like they don't try too hard in class and lectures but deep down they do and they just sit in the middle to try and maintain that social status instead of being at the front and the third type of people that sit in the middle normally sit at the back I would say and the people that pretty much a quote unquote I normally watch lectures online and these kind of people occasionally sporadically turn up to lectures because they feel a bit bad if they haven't been in a while they only watch them online they're paying a lot of money to do you know it's for these lectures so to make themselves feel good every now and then they turn up they sit there completely confused as to what's going on because they're more than likely about five six seven eight nine thirteen weeks behind on their lectures they haven't watched the recent lectures on lecture capture even though they tell themselves that they do and they turn up to one lecture about halfway through the semester and they're just absolutely baffled absolutely baffled now you're probably wondering well where do I sit alleged now me personally I probably would say I'm in this trihard kind of section like if I have friends will congregate in the middle in the lecture but deep down I kind of do work hard I like going to my lectures because otherwise I feel bad sometimes I do get distracted by going on Facebook I feel like too short average kind of your generic students also sometimes sit in the sit in the middle and that's probably where I'd be so this leaves the question of who sits at the very back of the lecture and I think that is a very interesting one normally I say quote unquote the type of people to see here ah this is my first lecture all semester these guys probably are falling asleep during the lecture sitting at the back could be described very easily with an image now the people that normally sit at the back of the lectures are the people that have perhaps been out the night before and I still hungover but they still try and make it into the lectures they put in a valiant effort to make it to the lectures even though they're hungover or they might just be super tired and they're more than likely going to be falling asleep so that's one type of people that sit at the back I would say the other type to send the back of the lectures are the people that I genuinely haven't like genuinely clueless like they haven't been to a lecture or even watch one the whole semester this is their first lecture of this semester and they just go straight to the back they're like well it changed me I'm going to start going to lectures now they go to their first ever literature they sit at the back and then they never go to one again that seems I've sat at the back of a lecture that a few times and what did I do I'm pretty much just watch some guys in front of you watch the MBA for about 20 minutes and then I was about five minutes of the lecture then I dozed off and then I just one of my phone so the back is just so bad because you know just I don't know there's no accountability that is pretty much the summary of how I would describe the lecture seating arrangements you know there's there's there's so many different things that can happen with these lecture seating arrangements but let me know what you guys think if you did enjoyed today's video make sure you subscribe down below new zealand vlogs coming very soon and the next video this time is 100% how to make money as a student because a video that i meant to be doing for a long time now but i got very distracted with exams and also there's some study with me is coming very soon as well but thank you for watching and i'll catch you again soon subscribe down low that's so I behead passing up the same waked up the same even if you okay did you be okay even if you wait okay do we okay I know that you want me for yourself you want me to know your sand and to me all the time just telling you that I never loved doing things for me like you or me bad day I'm sorry I don't feel the same way back

33 Replies to “DOES YOUR LECTURE SEAT CHOICE DEFINE YOU?! Types Of People In Lectures *Accurate*”

  1. Can’t relate. I don’t go uni. But I would probably sit at the back somewhere cos I hate people in general. I’m always looking for the fastest way to dash out ASAP lol 😅😂

  2. Hey Dylan, I’m having a really bad first semester at uni at the moment, how were you able to turn around your grade in the second semester ? And do you have any tips for first years, I’m finding it really hard to stay on top of things and currently behin on assignments.

  3. yo boss, how you been? It's been a while. Never thought about it, but during our lectures, we don't get asked questions. Must just be for specific courses. Also, there are always those international students watching US sports during every lecture and then complain about getting a bad grade lmao.

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