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hey guys and welcome back to crowd in faith glory to God I have not seen you for a while but it's my pleasure to see you again and I'm inviting you guys to click that subscribe button and join the family you're welcome you're invited and I just want to talk with you guys catch up and talk to you about how wonderful Jesus Christ has been in my life so I've come on here to share a testimony with you today about how God supernaturally got me into the University of Cambridge can we just clap for Jesus because God is good and I am still in awe of his testimony I'm gonna try and be quick so I'm really gonna try my hardest to speak as fast as I can to get this message out so you guys you guys know what's going on what the deal is so let's begin over some important information my interests I have always been interested in race education and theater race I was the ethnic minorities officer at my university and Students Union I haven't organized the Black History Month out at university we had amazing speakers it was fantastic this was a few years ago I also started up an organization a collective of a few friends it's called let's talk black where we educated and spoke on black issues we had conversations debate on top of that education the same passion about education for a long time and I did an education module this year I was part of the educational conference at my university this year I went to India a few years ago to teach English I went to Ghana a few years ago as well to teach English for a month there I planning to go to Connor again to teach again you're getting the deal you're getting the gist fugly theater so my interest in theater I've always been very interested in theater but in most recent times I have been more interested in using the arts as a form to educate as a means to educate rather I did a placement in Coventry this year where I was working with the youth of black youth theatre in Coventry and we were educating on social injustice or social issues so we were talking about knife crime and creating theatre to expose that and to kind of engage event get the youth to engage with these things so my desire is using theatre as a means to educate to fight against social injustice to respond to community issues so passion about that so there those are mine race education theatre my three passions that I have been just after Jesus I'm really really really into that stuff so now that you know the information let's go of the rest of the testimony three years ago the 15th of September 2016 to be exact I had a dream that I was getting a letter back from Cambridge University finding out whether I had gotten accepted brushed off didn't think too much about it kind of laughed because at that point I was really struggling with my previous degree that I was doing that I don't do anymore and I was like god you're funny I'm having a dream that game you know a letter back from Cambridge University and I don't even know if I'm gonna finish this degree if you guys haven't seen my university testimony I suggest you go and watch that as well because God just came through on that okay and and so I had this dream and then I would go on to in the next few years have continual dreams of my father driving me to Cambridge University for me to do theater and I would look at God and say God why do I keep having this dream is this just something of my soul because we really know that kind study theater no they don't do that and they do not do that so what's going on here and I just have this string do not take it you know too seriously until 2019 January 2019 so over the past few months with in 2018 I'm going into 2019 and I have been romanticizing and toying with the idea of doing a masters at this point the degree that I was on I was doing really well I was enjoying it so much and I was like maybe I should further my education a desire that culture is just like putting there and you know just increasing increasing it I meant a in January 19 I went to sleep and had a dream and now in this dream I was doing a master's degree but I hated it like it was horrendous like I was like get me out of this degree it's horrendous but I was only doing it because I knew that for other it sounded cool it's not cool it sounded and maybe more academic it sounded more you know what maybe other people would find like more interesting and I was only doing it for you know people the audience or I guess family or friends worked you know say sounds amazing incredible and then I well know enough is enough so I went onto the oxford website in the dream I went into the Aqsa website and i typed in theater but nothing came up zero so then the next part of the dream I just knew I had to go into K which is website I had to type in filter so I type in like well I go to type in theater but I wake up so it's like home I woke up from that dream and in that moment gorgeous began speaking to me and he was talking to me about how the fact that he's arousing the desires inside of me for me to do a master's degree but I cannot afford to do a degree that I don't want to do that I'm not passionate about and most of all that I'm not called to do by him God said I made you a creative I made you someone here you know you're going to you're passionate about race education and ask for a reason you know he was like don't go on to do a master's that you know you're gonna regret doing do something that you know that iron core needs to have place of passion inside of me to do so I was like okay Lord and then he sends me mysteries in that dream you went on to the Aqsa website and you typed in bitch I want you to go and do that right now so just like my dream like below instruction go into the Oxford University website click on it and you know scroll about and try and find the postgraduate page click on graduate I'm looking at their admissions I'm looking at their courses I'm like let me go on the eh-2-zed listings and I'm like let's type in theater let's see what happens will it be like my dream and I type it in lo and behold sorry there are no courses that matter sure your search criteria and I'm like oh my gosh this is just like my dream guys it's just like my dream learn behold nothing came up and then I was like in the dream I never actually got to see if anything did actually come up on the Cambridge website because I woke up God said that's your next step go and type it the Cambridge website and you'll see what comes up I type in theatres guys and literally so right now I'm really excited so I'm typing in Cambridge University really quickly and I'm like oh my gosh I need to go to the Graduate Admissions page and type in theatres and see if anything is about to come up so I type in and guys the holds the degree of my dreams appears on this website education arts and creativity oh my god I gasped I wish you was like I was like what I was at relations like Jesus what's going on clicked on to that degree guys initially I kicks on to that degree he says lord please reach that degree and started reading it my jaw progressively began to widen and widen and widen I began to literally read this incredible degree about education and yards and how we can use the arts as an education tool and how we can integrate both for education for creative pedagogy is for all of these types of stuff and I was thinking to myself this is literally everything and more that I am passionate about I was like what is going on in a god I didn't know about this degree five minutes ago but through this dream and to me being obedient and through me following your steps I have supernaturally discovered this degree that I never knew even existed so the Holy Spirit was like honey just just chill just just keep scrolling just you write below just your way on Monday okay so guys literally I was scrolling on the website and I came across the course director and I was thinking to myself okay so what his research topics and so I went on to his research topics and I've just started to lurk and I started to look at his academic areas of like special ed he specializes in and they certainly overrun his research topics were humans okay let's listen again community-based arts education I was like okay but that's my interest race and arts education I was like wow like what is going on here another research topic of his was decolonizing the arts education curriculum I literally wanted to fall over my seat like this year I've also been partnering with an academic in my department and we've been going into a school in London while we were basically engaging with students we were getting them to learn about black playwrights who were getting them to be exposed to writers who were not simply white only white and my heart is for decolonizing the curriculum and because I was also part of a board at my university and which were which also constituted of students staff academics from the Uni and where we discuss how we can close the attainment gap and decolonize the curriculum I hope God I think wow like so he's actually really interested in these topics I'm interested in as well and I was not expecting that from a Cambridge lecturer but I still always like okay I want to meet this guy I was like god I want to meet this guy if you want me to apply to this Jesus it sounds incredible it sounds amazing but I want to meet this guy I talked to him I really want to see where he hires so I went to the University Guide we hit it off we hit it off we I expected to be there for like 45 minutes and there guys I was literally there for almost two hours I almost missed my train home because we were getting on so well and we were just discussing books that were so passionate about and he was like so excited about his books he showed me I was excited about my books to show him and then he would show me some of his books and then I'd be like oh my gosh I was reading that last week and that we would just be like oh my gosh and then he was like looking at through my work he was like this is so impressive and then guys he said he said to me when you come here he said to me when you come here and I was like Jesus is Lord is do not deceive me right now in the name of Jesus don't deceive me did he just say when I come here nor if he said when I come here okay Lord what is going on he literally was asking me I'm gonna do a PhD he was saying I should work even in Cambridge like I think they need people like me to be working in the institution he said to me it would be an absolute pleasure for me to be on this course and I was like God like what it's actually happening here like this is beyond like this is actually favor two times 100 like it was crazy guys let me just tell you something it is even difficult for me to stay in contact with my university lecturers at my current uni this guy that either out with who is the course convener literally said to me he was like to me stay in contact with me he literally asked me to remain in contact of him we remain in contact and even extra exchanging emails after we even met we even had a phone conversation where we were speaking about education and he was guiding me in helping me with queries I had on how we can better bring education and arts education into schools and this and that the other he was literally he was literally just I don't even know like God just person grace you know just we got on so well we still got on world like it's actually crazy guys then okay just like but Jesus sitters take up another level God was pouring out dream off to dream after dream after dream after dream after dream I had a dream of Jesus literally telling me that I needed to make a youtube video our movement of my testimony of getting into the University before I even got an acceptance letter in fact I even dreamt of the acceptance letter I think three days before I received it Jesus was literally showing me I mean being in the university I was actually there like it was just all like it was all just kicking off my position as a student at the Uni like I'm just like yeah yo you're getting in I remember had another dream someone comes up to me and said there's God giving you enough signs that you're going to get into Cambridge University and in the dream I went yes I was it shouting yes yes yeah like literally shouting then people were having dreams of me being accepted into the university okay just just to another another level guys someone came up to me I was like yeah like so I had a dream that you are literally graduating from Cambridge University there was another there's another experience I had where a prophet prayed for me about the University and they prayed for me for three seconds and they just literally took the hand of me and was like yeah you're in like godless she just told me like you're there I special you there you're in and he said to me that this this degree having this name on your on your CV having this name with you the fact that you've actually gone to the University of Cambridge which is a top institution and I think one of the top in Oxford Cambridge or the top institutions in the United Kingdom and these universities are also world renowned and known globally around the world and he said to me that this is now gonna stand as a passport for you you will have access and you will have the ability to go and get through barriers that other people would find difficult simply because you have that name with you and they said you're gonna have access and license to do things and things going to be a lot easier for you simply because of this name that you are now going to have attached to you Cambridge University and I was like glory to God and God was not here lying like I was having dreams of literally people coming up to me and speaking to me about their testimony of graduating from the University of Cambridge and explaining to me that they were getting contacted from linked in and from employers who were interested them simply because they had the name they were telling me all of the open doors that would occur guys obvious here how good like I believe you I know that you're like after the third the fourth dream you're like good you've confirmed through Lord the dream the omission in just the initial one you confirmed you showed me that a degree that I didn't even know existed and I'm applying for that degree you showing me through the grace that he even showed through the man who favoured me like never before here's the course director I was like you have literally given me people who have also spoken into my life and also continue or do not the person I thank God I know I get it like I was like you don't even have to do this he is God alone you don't have does not have to send you and these dreams he doesn't have to keep on talking to you and this on the other I was like God I believe but he was just showing his love for me like this is what I wanted to feel this is what I have for you mysteries I was like what one time I literally was in my bed and I literally felt the presence of the Lord come upon me so strongly and I heard the Holy Spirit say to me I am a promise keeper and he said you will get into Cambridge University then I suddenly felt filled with with filled with faith that's the best we can shred it a feeling of faith came within me to the point it was almost tangibly like it was tangible I could feel it like I could feel it there was literally nothing inside of me I could tell me that this is not for me like every part of this was telling me this is God's will for your life like it was absolutely crazy on top of that when I would literally be I'm like getting ready for bed like I like have a nap and let you know that sorry I'd sleep and you know when you go up because you like made me to go to the toilet or like something like that so I'd wake up and then I would literally here I've got open my ears I had prophetic is Latricia prophetic insight well God look I could hear them Tony in the boardroom about my work I heard the voices of the academic saying mmm I like this though they should say yeah I like this piece of work because guys when you're practically average for a piece for a master's degree that they want you to hand in exemplar work they want you to write an essay they want you to write an entire application as well as your research firm options and in the sense of sorry what your research interests as well in a lot this quite a long process so literally guys like I could hear them and they were literally reading over my application and they were just like mmm this is good like they're saying it's and I was thinking god what on earth like it was so supernatural from beginning to the end I'm even sit in shock and listen because yeah I've gotten so high and I literally had gotten so high on my education module that I did within my degree this year my course couldn't be in out of that course was absolutely delighted she loved me if she was niche she liked to me if you don't get in I would even be surprised because the reference I gave you is amazing and the other man who did my reference said to me he said you've got one of my lecturers and he's a head of my department wonderful sorry he's I think deputy head of my department he was it she like he said your reference I wrote for you is so it's almost radioactive that can also go up because we have such a good relationship so I was just experiencing favor from every single corner literally and then it came out that I got on to the degree I got the email and I was literally like like I was just so excited but I just took time to praise God's her bless His name and to worship Him and I just wanted to release his testimony because I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that I would go to Cambridge University and when I went onto my iCloud and saw that Jesus had spoken to me in 2016 I didn't understand the bishop I didn't understand his vision I didn't understand what was going on God has done yes exceedingly more than I could ask and think or even imagine why because I never even knew that degree existed nor did I think I would ever be qualified enough to even get into an institution that incredible and what God is saying is that he is quantifying those who feel unqualified and he is placing and positioning his people in places they would never expect to go to him there is an ester anointing in the sense that she literally was unqualified she was a woman Sheila she was the wrong race she was Jewish she had no parents and yet she ended up in the best place the Bible says the best place go took her from the low of the low to the highest of the high God took her to the place a high place where she even had governmental impact listen God is so good and I'm sharing this testimony not to show off I'm trying to reiterate to you today that Jesus Christ came and gave me a dream he gave me a dream where I literally didn't know that a degree sister but he put the vision in my heart and gave me the instruction to discover and find it so the Bible says that he is hidden treasure in secret places so the Lord wants to do the same thing and more with you listen this testimony is not just for me the Bible says that the testimony of Jesus is a spirit of prophecy every single time that you release a testimony you're not only you know glorify your God your prophesied to the people that he can do the same to you you ever had someone show a yielding testimony they shown that healing testimony so the faith of the listener can jump within that belly and they can seize on to the fact that Jesus is the waymaker Jesus is a healer Jesus is deliverer I'm on my way to Cambridge University not by my power not by my life but by the strength of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit alone there's no mic Amburg there's no I can say this and the other if I have not had that dream at the beginning best believe I would have never applied to Cambridge University I would have never apply to that uni but good paved the way and God said this is the way walk in here listen God is saying right now right here but if you know that he has shown you stuff in dreams he's showing you things showing you visions he said this this corner of your life this being prophecy that I've been spoken over you do not despise prophecy do not despise those vision the Bible says though the vision may Terry listen listen what does that mean sometimes you're not going to have an immediate immediate fulfillment the vision can in my place take three years to come to pass continue to believe that God has a literally brought his hand over your eye and when he speaks he don't speak for no reason see when he spoke to me I was too much in my flesh to be able to hear what the Spirit was saying so some of you listening right now the Holy Spirit's been speaking to you but you've been in your flesh because you're looking at your circumstances and your situations so you're so quiet in it that you can't hear what God has to say it's not a thing where you try to give God is thing when you speak them but you're not listening because you're too focused on the carnal the things that you can't see rather than the unseen but is saying come a final look at the things are under Stephen I will show you great and mighty things but is saying that if you will look at him if you would listen to him if you would literally understand that he is the one who will make away he is the one who can take you to those places then you understand you don't have to fight through it you don't have to do things in your flesh to try and get you to where you need to be cause we'll get either God will get you that don't despise that vision and don't doubt it we're gonna show you the long has he been saying something you know the Lord has shown you people in your dreams have told you what how the Lord is gonna use you you even hide our men and women of God visit you and your dreams and they've laid hands on you or they've touched you and they've impacted something on you or they said something about your how God is going to use you might Neos learn you know right now do not do not ignore those signs write it down pray into it you may not see the manifestation today but God is faithful to bring to possible to show you think about Joseph got them in a vision of who he was going to be it took years before that came to fulfillment but I even speak to find acceleration even right now in Jesus name and that God when he shows you these things you will obey you would say yes God I believe what you have shown me I believe it father God so guys I literally I'm really thankful and really happy – yeah I've shared my testimony with you guys to take this crazy who knows what's gonna happen in the future I don't even know but what I do know is that Jesus's thought and what I do know is that he's a good good father and what I do know is that if he's on it in me do the same year more I said and more amen amen god bless you folks bye you


  1. God, forgive me for my lack of faith in this process. This testimony so deeply resonates with me. I can relate to this! God bless you Nia-Cerise. I believe in Jesus name, that His will will indeed come to pass. Thank you for sharing this. God is speaking.

  2. wow what a beautiful testimony, God's love and grace is evident on you and this video also gave me the conviction that I am also loved by him and have access to the same grace. what a beautiful video 😭😍😭😍😭😍😭😍 I am trying to get into medical school and I know God is on this walk with me, empowering and guiding me. Always faithful. God bless you πŸ’•

  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa omg you where in Ghana aaaaaaaaaa thank you I mean I'm not worshipping you but praise the lord God for propagating his word through you basically glory be to our father

  4. This is the second thing God is using as confirmation that He is sending revelation of what I prayed for!! Glory be to God. Praise and honour and glory to God the Lord in Jesus's name ❀️

  5. Bless you sister for sharing your testimony. It really blessed and encouraged me. Thank you for the prayer st the end of it. You are indeed a blessing to this generation

  6. Omg.. How do I get in contact with her. I seriously need to speak to you.. This is so crazy.. Ok so I have just found out about your channel this week.. And watching to most of your vids, yesterday I saw myself talking to you and telling you about some dreams I have been having and asking you advise on how to pray about it so it can come to pass. Mind you, this video popped up on my timeline yesterday and I didn't watch it. So it popped up today again and I decided to watch.. I can promise you it is totally different than what I excepted you were going to say. When you started to speak about the dreams.. I had chills.. I feel like screaming but I can't (cause I am at work)…omg this testimony is for me. I have been having the same dream for a year now and I am like, I dont understand this.. How do I even go about this.. Literally I don't know who to even speak to for help.. So I haven't taken any action. But THIS!! Nia, God bless you. I tap into your blessing and I know I will soon share a testimony.. Is there a way to connect with you? Thank you. God bless

  7. That is absolutely AMAZINGG. God for sure created that degree just for you πŸ’•πŸ’•
    I am doing my HSC to get into my first choice university. Pls pray for my brother and me

  8. God bless you Sister. A Word season for me. Don’t even know what to say. Though the vision may tarry ….. Focus on the unseen and hold on to His Word. Most importantly Fear not! You can walk on Water!

    No longer a slave to fear … I am a child of God. We are children of God.

    God bless you and your ministry indeed. May God continue to uphold, strengthen and encourage you especially through those times, those long days and night when no one is there but just you and Him. His Joy is your strength.

  9. Another powerful testimony. Extremely beautiful and interesting. Continue to allow God to lead you. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge HIM and HE will direct your path.

  10. Sweet lovely sister hold fast because Jesus is sending you to harvest ground that NEEDS the Love of God. Find a good church to stay connected and gain wisdom & grace in your studies.
    You have been a great blessing…but study to stay obedient & ask for grace/mercy daily . Pray in the spirit while on the campus keeping you innocent of evil. I will also pray for God's will to be done in and
    through you. Congrats on the acceptance and look forward to hearing moreπŸ€—

  11. AMEN! I am tearing up. You have made me stand back and take account of the recent blessings God is showing & giving me. Let us all be more attuned to the Holy Spirit and live according to His glory! And then testify! God bless you.

  12. Agghhhhh!!! When you're in HIS will, HE will make it happen & order your steps!!!! ***high five**** girl you inspired me!!!! God showed up and showed out!!!! @ 20:47 I totally agree with you! I feel that too! People are being placed to position to do their work!!!! I'M SO HAPPY YOU POSTED IT!!!

  13. O Wow , this blessed me so much! I am so exited for you!! You been crowned in faith truly yea!! You have been so favored and this is so encouraging!! Wow truly God is faithful!! God bless you so much beloved Christ Sister, thank you sooo much for sharing this!!! God bless you so much!

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