1. Im a 1st year who's been at uni for like 3months now and I use blank white paper Cus I fine lined paper restricts me, for note taking i still use the Cornell method that I was using back in A-level

  2. I totally agree with everything you have said. I was at college in a lecture type class. I found writing up my notes the same day helped with memory recall at that time, also later on as well. I also used the same colour coding in my revision textbook notes, so I knew as soon as a I saw the colour what it meant right across the board. I didn't find square paper until recently – it is awesome for note taking. Paperchase do some great ring bound square notebooks and Ryman do the A4 exercise books as well.

  3. I feel like if you study literature or english then there are some things that the lecturer says that are not too important to write down but like in biology or chemistry when the lecturer is explaining some hard ass mecanism, how am I supposed to understand and recall it after my lecture if I don't write down everything he says, I'm so lost

  4. I’ve found the best method that works for me is to open the PowerPoint slides that the lecturer puts on blackboard etc, then write any extra info in the speaker notes then when I get in write those notes up neatly which I can revise from. It took me so long last year to figure out which method worked best

  5. My biggest hack is to not bother writing lecture notes in the lecture. I use the lecture to understand or get a beginner understanding. I record the lecture and transfer the file onto my laptop. I then use the recording and presentation slides the lecturer uploads to make the notes.

  6. At the moment my method is not going to the lectures and watching it from my room and taking detailed notes as I’m watching it, although I feel like it’s harder to stay on top of the lectures because it takes me 1 hour 30 to 2 hours to write as I’m pausing it rewinding it etc to write the notes 🤷‍♀️

  7. Big fan of the Quadrille-Ruled notebooks and there are larger square options. Used them throughout schooling and now work. I was a fan of the waste book method that comes from early accounting practices. You take a notebook with you to lectures and elsewhere and use it up regardless of the subject or the context. You do not have to be neat or worry if it gets wet or spilled on or even lost as it gets discarded when full. As soon as possible transfer the notes into the subject specific notebook or binder or computer and color code and organize as wished.

  8. I’m not afraid to admit that I’m so obsessed with you and everything you do so extraordinarily well Eve. The only thing that might be a mess is your brain because it certainly doesn’t show on the outside. Your videos are the best ever. No one does YouTube videos as brilliantly as you do or puts in as much effort and care as you. Love you ❤️❤️

  9. This is what I do I just literally scribble everything I need down, my notes are a mess and then I go back rewrite them, add more information to in from online. That way I get a refresh and gain more knowledge x

  10. my lectures are so weird bc i’m doing a primary ed qts course it’s more like here’s some ideas you could consider for yourself just try and stick to the teachers standards bc there’s no specific facts you have to know. lectures are kinda just write something down every 5 mins if you agree with what the lecturer said hahahah

  11. I write my notes in concise ways. Key words etc. Then, I go home and print the lecture slides and read them in my own time. This makes it enter my brain again. I then add my lecture notes to the slides when I print them, so it has the original content, then my synopsis underneath it. Doing this ensures I don’t miss anything from the lecture slides, but also makes me link content. I then staple the slides and my A4 paper of notes together, so I have two different types of notes. My notes, and the lecturers notes.

  12. YES colour! Personally, I just write everything with a blue pen during the lecture (using diagrams, mindmaps, bullet points etc ofc) and then go over my notes with a highlighter as a form of consolidation. Usually using two different colours, one for core info/titles of sections etc, the other for anything specific that's important!

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