12 Replies to “Should you get your Masters Degree in Education? | Tips to Decide Which Program is Best for You”

  1. Hello, I'm actually looking into Global Studies in Ed Master's degree. My question is are there any specific prerequisite courses for someone who already has a Bachelors degree in elementary education?

  2. I definitely plan on earning a masters degree in teaching, i plan on getting it right after i earn my bachelors degree and my major for my bachelors degree is a publishing major, because its always been my dream to work and do copy editing and design for a big publishing group like scholastic, harpercollins or simon & Schuster, and im earning a minor in mathematics, whenever i would be changing my mind with what i want to do as a career in my head ive always said "if this doesnt work out or if im not happy in this field anymore then ill go into teaching" so im just going straight for my masters degree in teaching right after my bachelors degree, and i want to teach k-12 mathematics but my dream is to still work in publishing that is my dream job

  3. In Switzerland a Masters is the least you need for even say a good IT job, Banking etc. Teachers also have a padagogical background. Plus speak Swiss German, German, French and English. Job qualifications are extremely important here. Luckily we do not pay highly for education. University is about chf 600 per semester. Standards are high. It is such a pity that in other countries you pay thousands of dollars / pounds to study. Then students have this debt around their necks. What a way for a young person to embark on a career.
    Teachers are respected and well paid. Children also respect teachers plus students respect one another.

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