Study BA Illustration at Middlesex University

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Lecturers, students and graduates from our Illustration degree talk you through their experiences of the course.

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perhaps the first thing I could say about the course is that it's been very carefully designed so that each year feeds into the next year and we're very conscious of trying to give students a really clear pathway through an introduction to an exploration of their way of making imagery and what we're hoping that is that the students will then graduate with a very strong personal language we don't want any of the students to look like anybody else the whole idea of the course and the three years is that each student develops their own personal language so when I came here in first year I was happy drawing in my sketchbooks and I wasn't that confident really about working in other mediums and then when I came here the tutors were really encouraging of experimenting and playing around with our work so my work has developed loads over the three years yeah the course I think is quite unlike a lot of other illustration courses out there because there is quite a small intake and on the upside that means every student that comes here is guaranteed their own death space and combine that with the fact it's a full-time course means that everyone's in working in the Shuji area all the time and you've got this kind of like great buzzy vibrant atmosphere and all the students are sort of like working with each other as well so you've got sort of like 30 years talking to first years and things like that there's a studio skills aspect to the course where we teach things like digital media digital handling printmaking just general studio skills or all of those kind of things as well as teaching that we're really more interested in things like getting atmosphere into a picture composition color you know these these things that are harder to pin down so it I think it really we're not worried about whether somebody works in a digital way or a traditional way that's kind of neither here nor there what matters is that whichever way you work we'll do our best to make sure that you're saying something worth worth while growing is a really important aspect of the year so we have life drawing in a dedicated life drawing studio that's brand new the course culminates in the degree show which takes place at the Truman brewery and it's an absolutely enormous event all the degree courses here exhibits at the same time it pulls in thousands upon thousands of people who are interested in the creative arts it's a great showcase for all the students to show their work and be seen by potential employers or art directors and it's really your first step as an artist out into that professional world it's also a great party you know it's a really good thing to end the year on so the course does allow us to do that animation screen print and or anything really bought my personal favorites probably screen print until we did animation and a fan I liked it so animation is like you do after a fair export there's also other ways that poor teaches about he teaches us on after-effects to begin with you also do stop frame whichever like your fictional style he's good cuz of people have won awards even though we're an illustration cause he has taught people in animation and obviously dead wooden awards in animation while studying illustration so the illustration course isn't just studio based I mean we have the illustration studio and you get have your own desk in your own seat for three years which is great but you also have this is the printmaking workshop where we have screen print each in we have quite a large letterpress and selection vote which is a lot places don't have and also stone lithography which a lot courses and universities don't have access to if you are interested in creative expression through drawing I would say that this school has a lot to offer and it will your abilities every year we take a trip we've been to New York we've been to Edinburgh we've been to hungry in my time and I think a big part of this course is just doing things together which is like the all the exhibits we do is always like every year of the course the choosers always exhibit with us as well particularly the poetry cafe exhibit that we also do over here we run a lot of life projects with real companies sometimes using words get displayed in other galleries sometimes we enter competitions and this course offers so many opportunities like that that get you real industry work even from like first and second year you

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