Swarthmore Professors Read Mean Course Evaluations

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You think professors don’t read all the mean things we say on their course evaluations? Think again!

Produced by Grant Torre ’17 and Kyungchan Min ’18

Featuring Professors Peter Baumann (Philosophy), Rachel Buurma (English Literature), Vince Formica (Biology), Carol Nackenoff (Political Science), Barry Schwartz (Psychology), Rick Valelly (Political Science), Mark Wallace (Religion), and Patty White (Film and Media Studies)

do you want me to read this yeah just read things you just want me to talk and until I run other if idea and I've never gotten evaluations as extraordinary as the East and I thought I should share them with my public good enough for grandpa not good enough for me zero to ten would take again doesn't that swell your heart with pride accomplishment here's another one no paradox to this choice repetitive wait let me say that again no no paradox to this choice repetitive I asked on a course evaluation was the overall workload meetings written assignments about the same more or less than other courses here was a response oh my god you've got to be kidding me the workload was insane worse than in any other course I ever took dude chill stop taking basket-weaving 101 don't you know that I'm just trying to get you ready for life in the fast lane with 70 hour work weeks and six hours of sleep Vince is too teleological for my tastes only at swathmore would I get students commenting about my swathmore teaching quote if there was a hell which there isn't but if there was a hell then epistemology should go there end of quote so this made me think right did he was he aware that I'm working in a custom ology did he include me in that group of people who should go to hell did he just want to send all those authors of the articles that we read and discussed to hell wouldn't that be interesting to them wouldn't they like it and then it wouldn't be hell for them come to think of it I mean what would he'll be like if there was a section just for epistemologists professor permit tweets a lot maybe too much if she spent as much time grading if she does tweeting we might get our papers back in a reasonable amount of time I think that's unlikely and I think I know who Vallely clearly cares about American politics the problem is no one else does one of the sources of mr. Wallace's doctrine is dr. Seuss's the Lorax so you know it's okay to criticize me and warping the truth and my book is alarming but please it's outside the bounds it's unfair to ever say that's really mean-spirited probably rather be the idea that those epistemology pathologists would make the life of other all the other inhabitants of Hell even more miserable this is from ratemyprofessor.com and although I know it verbatim I'm reading it to you now if you can get beyond her radical lesbian nope if you can get beyond her radical lesbian – okay because radical lesbian goes together as a pair okay hmm if you can get beyond their radical sorry hmm this is from ratemyprofessor.com if you can get beyond her radical leftist Marxist feminist perspective that she makes no effort to even mildly disguise she's a nice lady a woman and an excellent film teacher we get it Barry you're old this is in reference to his near constant in my day we had this thing called insert outdated thing here that we were all old enough to also experience like for example horses and buggies so you know I've teach I work really hard at teaching I try to make my classes as up to the to date as possible in novel and entertaining and evaluations like this make me think it's all worthwhile I want to kill you or something like that well I hate you or can I kick your chin or something that's not interesting anyway if someone hates you that's I never got that so thank goodness because that would be tough to deal with Vince looks like al Borland from tool time hey not all bearded men are the same person I mean just because you can't tell us apart doesn't mean that we don't have feelings but I did stop wearing flannel after that comment one is from anonymous 2014 Mark Wallace is your classic religion professor he's all over the place and if you're ready to embrace that and embrace the strangeness you can learn a ton from him and I'm gonna wear that a t-shirt the next time I go into class it's gonna say embrace the strangeness thanks anonymous 2014 his low voice with faster valleys low voice and dulcet tones are the perfect thing to put me asleep her courses are also an hour and 15 minutes a pure error twice a week as Bert Lahr said in The Wizard of Oz sometimes I even scare myself but seriously I wouldn't ask anything with you that I wouldn't also ask him me uh I don't know I have nothing funny to say mm-hmm not inspired I know I keep forgetting I have a microphone on yeah what doesn't sound right no I can't say that I don't know I'm not getting into this one I'm gonna try the next one hmm I'm having a hard time doing this what should I say it is possible that I'm kind of boring that's something anyway I'm just gonna keep talking you recently again I've thought about it again because of this occasion the less clear it is to me what exactly the ideas of sending all the epistemologists to hell and who else would be there perhaps it would be quite an interesting place if the ethicists would also end up in hell and who knows who knows cognitive psychologists – that could be quite interesting so I'm not so sure anymore

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