One student dead and several injured in Axum University Unrest.

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Studying African Biblical History and looking for truth

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I am hoping to find primary sources archaeological evidence and references by later historians to piece together what is true about elements of African history excluded from the mainstream narrative. I have been challenged by subscribers and I certainly accept the challenge. In this video I hope to get input via the comments on some different places I can go to get good information.

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hello fellow searchers of truth first Christianity in a post-christian country lately I have begun researching kind of a new area that I want to share with you and it's based on comments and feedback that I'm getting in sections of several videos and it's you know some of it is critical you know like oh you're showing only white people in these pictures about the ancient biblical world and that's not accurate some of them are very respectable saying hey you need to look into this more you know and others are you know we know that bhi has a tendency to be a little more aggressive in their rhetoric but when you look past that you know I have to ask myself as a historian a theologian and researcher have I done my due diligence on this subject and I had to face the harsh reality that I really hadn't so lately I've been doing a lot of study into this idea of I believe the subject itself is called afro centrosome and let me give you a little bit of background like in science you have the scientific method right in history we use what's called the evidentiary method which is a combination of primary sources written from antiquity archaeological discoveries and what later historians had to say about earlier periods of time let me tell you the research I've done so far it runs the gambit just like all of us just like all denominations of any ethnicity we have these kernels of truth that we wrap in all this other artificial scaffolding that is just for lack of a better term nonsense and in Afrocentricity run a spectrum on one side you have a gentleman named tarik Nasheed and with all due respect to him he's been very successful financially but what what I'm lacking when I listen to him is him saying hey here are the sources go look at these sources yourself he makes very outlandish claims about pretty much everything he's totally in his subjective mind rewritten his but with no evidence and when I watch his videos I find myself asking mr. mr. machine where does this come from you know what you're saying where can I go and read about this a gentleman named Kevin Adams I believe did a documentary on the Nubian Pharaohs right the Nubians were definitely dark africans sudanese ethiopian melanin level and he claimed that their civilization lasted for 5000 years so that's something to go on right because he showed archaeological evidence of this Nubian kingdom that was something I could go on a gentleman named Acala who actually gets around to some pretty big universities in Europe gave a lecture at Oxford or Cambridge it didn't say in the video but he provided primary sources where he went back to the books and volumes compiled by editors of the writings of ancient Egypt through Greece were the people ruling in Egypt at that time were described by the way they looked and they were definitely African in description that's something I can go on I can check those primary sources using the evidentiary method dr. Ivan van Sertoma it's a little older the videos look like they're from the 80s and 90s but here we have a university professor in academia talking about hey there were a lot more African rulers during these times than history has led on and it made sense to me you know I don't believe this idea of Eurocentrism is you know purposeful you take somebody like me who just makes a video there's an assumption of bad intent on my part to purposely go hahahaha everybody's pictures are going to be white and we're gonna do away with this idea that you know these people were black but what those people fail to recognize especially people under the age of 40 like me and many of the commenters we came to the same schools you did right so we read the same textbooks you did so we were exposed to the same Eurocentrism that you we participate in the same beast money system that you do so if there's this idea of modern oppression I don't agree that it exists on terms of race between white and black I think it's more of like poor and regular people versus elites and I think they fail to recognize that a another documentary I watched was called from nothing by Jabari that had a lot of good information information where I could go and check primary sources from what he was talking about and that's what I need I can't go by mr. Nasheed's subjective out of thin air or higher criticism of these things that give me nothing to go on historically it's impossible to verify those truth claims we have to have you didn't believe me I'm no friend of academia but you've got to have something to go on to substantiate and say ok I can see where this is true I can see where this argument is valid forgive me I can't quite read my handwriting here there was one documentary called the Egyptian the original Egyptians were black and that one wasn't important because again it was another university level professor but what he did points to one of the big flaws in the Afrocentric movement he differentiates the Egyptians original black Egyptians from the Semitic people both in pigment and in migration patterns well it can't be both ways were the original higher melanin africans Egyptian or were they Hebrews now I will say this there's a theory out there that says the Hebrews were the Hyksos which was a tribe of Africans and there was this constant battle dichotomy back and forth between northern Egyptian rulers which by that time had become lighter skinned at least in those dynasties and the Hyksos assuming they were Hebrews right but then you come to the point where you say okay well the Hebrews were from Joseph right mache Moses was from Egypt so there's a lot of unanswered questions with no proven ons what where are the primary sources right I have read the volumes of the Church Fathers give me one example where they say hey there's this grand conspiracy going on what why if this grand conspiracy happened are we only finding out about it 2,000 years later when we have 30 volumes from the Church Fathers we have the Liebherr Pontifical is a very old writing from the Catholic Church that openly admits there were 11 popes from africa we have other extra biblical writings all through the Middle Ages and nobody points to this you know this idea that none of them were black you know so it's a very modern euro centrist idea now finally the last thing I'm going to say there's always seems to be the assumption of bad intent on the part of the content creator first of all going back to the point that I was indoctrinated in the same schools as any of my black friends were how would I know otherwise but you've instead kind of made all whites de scapegoats to say well it's your fault it's your fault that this is happening and that this history has been lost but you know you fail to recognize it in the 1450s during the Italian Renaissance it was the northern Italian papal states that were overwhelmingly white and sent from their families to the papacy for generations we're talking Borja della Rovere a de Medici sports up these families that kind of traded the papal seat they were the ones who paid for and commissioned the Christian art that we still look at today so of course they're gonna pay them in their own likenesses you've got to go further south toward the Mediterranean coast Sicily southern Egypt king frederick ii the holy roman emperor he was well known for his ethnic inclusivity he had Muslims in his court he had Africans in his court and during the time of the Crusades there became a more open exchange of information and trade between North Africa the Levant and southern Europe so there's all these things that kind of get ignored in this dialogue so anyway I have answered the call to study this because my ultimate searches for truth I don't want to continue to present anything that's inaccurate and I feel like it's a fair criticism a lot of videos I have do kind of paint everybody is you know white Old Testament early biblical characters and that's probably not accurate for all of them but it's certainly accurate for some the idea that everybody was African that late in history no no no even if you go to the Olmec civilization where you see signs of you know African influence you also see Polynesian influence and features so it's it's possible that you have melting pot ideas there this idea that Africans were really Native Americans well no we know they were red skinned people with features from Asia that's not to say Africans didn't come across the Atlantic and that there was some interbreeding which we would expect in cultural exchanges what it looks like even in Egypt is that there were all these kind of four main races you had really dark-skinned caramel skin red skin and white skin and you see that repeat around the cultures of the world I think that's more accurate so here's where it makes sense Africans have been a little bit whitewashed out of history they're saying no this isn't right and then the remedy runs the extreme just like we're human beings and we do that with every subject you have the real conservative view that says okay maybe the Egyptians were maybe the Hebrew where they both can't be maybe the Olmecs were part African and then you have the other end of the spectrum Mozart was black Beethoven was black Shakespeare what they were all black it's all a big conspiracy and all a big lie but that makes the biggest mistake we can possibly make which is to assume bad intent on the part of the content creator I would like to challenge everybody do this yourself go to google and type in images of biblical character Judah how many pages do you have to scroll through to find one that has darker skin Abraham how many pages do you have to scroll through to find one that has darker skin so this goes much bigger than one individual making a video you know and I'm gonna tell you like when I make my videos it's it's it's not in the forefront of my mind but one thing I have learned through having another recent video go viral and getting a lot of comments about it is that I admit I probably should be more sensitive to that and I'm gonna do better in the future but in the meantime for those who have criticized with those types of criticisms give me some primary sources that I can go read myself not stuff from 1960 from some guy who has a theory based on a science that doesn't exist and he calls himself a doctor but it's all give me something from ancient antiquity that I can read that says you know here's how these people looked Herodotus right he clearly said these people had this thick woolen hair and darker skin like bronze you know okay well yeah all right Herodotus saw Africans dark Africans they're right now in closing I'll say I'm well aware of the Ethiopians and Aksum and their claim to the Levitical priesthood which they probably do have a good claim to that priesthood for those interested read Graham Hancock's book on the Ark of the Covenant and the Ethiopians in Axum anyway love you all look forward to talking to you on the next video thank you so much