Benefits of a Civil Engineering Master's Degree

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With the rapid growth of cities around the world, global infrastructure demands are on the rise, which means the demand for civil engineers with advanced skills in on the rise, too.

A master’s degree in civil engineering will allow you to gain the advanced knowlege in your engineering specialization that will lead to greater career prospects (not to mention, salary!) and the skills to engineer better structures and systems as society creates more complex infrastructure to keep up with rapid growth.

what's up everybody Isaac here with civil engineering Academy jumping on giving you another quick tip today we're going to talk about the value of getting a master's degree and whether that is worth your time as a civil engineer to get so hang out with me today and we'll answer that question okay so the question again is as a master's degree worth it in civil engineering and today I'm going to talk about the benefits of getting a master's degree I've often kind of preached that getting your PE is looked at more valuable than getting a master's but obviously a master's degree is going to be really valuable as well in fact some people move up in a company don't even have their PE license but they're able to get into management and other positions without their PE even though they have a master's degree so let's talk about some of the benefits first of all the US Department of Labor says that the median salary for a civil engineer is about $85,000 that was in twenty twenty seventeen so that's a pretty good starting salary I think well not a starting salary but a median salary you know what I mean so eighty eighty-five thousand dollars now if you have your master's degree that actually usually is a little bit more than that so a master's degree that's a benefit right off the bat is that gaining a master's you also are paid a couple thousand dollars more to have that degree the other thing that's a benefit of having a master's degree is that it really specializes you so if you go into school you're gonna take classes that you enjoy if you want to go deeper into and it gives you an edge on the competition that is out there so if you're a structural engineer you're gonna take additional concrete courses structural loading courses still courses anything do a structural structures or structure of structural material so all those things and getting an edge with more education more education always gives you an edge on your career so getting a master's degree also helps with that the other benefit of getting a master's degree is that also future proofs yourself so by having a master's degree you are set up for the future right and what I mean by that is that you don't need to go back to school to get if you can knock out your master's degree while you're in school earning your bachelor's right after that would be my recommendation the other thing that's coming up is the ncees organization has been talking about for years trying to get people to have a master's degree or an additional 30 credit hours under their belt so they can become professional engineers now that's ten additional courses which is a master's equivalent and if you already have your master's degree you're already set up for that so you don't need to worry about it so having a master's degree really future proofs yourself you don't need to worry about coming back to school to get those things if you don't have your PE license or whatnot so anyway guys that's the benefits of getting a master's degree I do highly recommend it there are plenty opportunities out there is whether it's online through a school all your coursework online or if you actually attend a classroom so I've seen plenty of good programs with either one I've actually done a master's online as well and found it very helpful with time management especially have kids or family so anyway I do think a master's is worth it so get out there and find one that works for you and I think it will benefit you in your career alright guys that'll wrap it up we'll see you next time bye