University MORNING ROUTINE for 08:30 Lectures

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I a FINALLY sharing this morning routine with you 🙂 I’m so sorry for the delay but I hope you enjoy watching… also, my night routine is coming next!

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hello it's Ruby and today I'm going to finally be sharing with you a university morning routine this video has been so highly requested and I'm sorry I'm only just getting around to filming it so I have actually not been sleeping very well recently so I'm waking up a little later than usual instead of 6 which is the ideal time I'd like to wake up I usually end up waking up at 7:00 7:30 since I have an 8:30 this morning I am waking up at 7 and the first thing I will go and do is put on my bed jacket I just love how old-fashioned it is and my slippers are from Bowden I've had these for about four or five years now then I will put on some classical music on Spotify and I will make my bed I really love to make my bed first thing in the morning because it just starts my day off in a really good foot then I would do 40 sit-ups this is just a good way for me to get my body moving in the morning I personally find it's a really good way to start my day and then I will pick up my hot water for tools and go and fill them up because I get very very cold and it is freezing in England at the moment so this is an essential part of my morning and at the same time whilst I'm waiting for the kettle to boil I will wash my hands and then get started but doing some washing up I usually leave some of my washing up from the night before from dinner then I will just fill up a mason jar with cold water and I will drink a whole glass of this and I will also fill up another glass to bring to my bedroom and Here I am filling up my gorgeous head with hot water I honestly love this hot water bottle so much when I'm back in my room I will choose what I'm going to wear today and since it was really cold I decided I was actually gonna wear a thermal vest underneath my jumper today it was it was thermals weather then I will head to the bathroom to brush my teeth because of course you always have to brush your teeth in the morning and I also read at the same time as doing this but I didn't film any clips of that so the next thing I like to do is use this drops of youth body shop facial exfoliator I've been using this for two three years it's one of only two products that I've faced products that I use and I would really recommend it and I will also have a cold shower because I think it's a really great way to wake you up and get you ready for the day hey Google can you get me my flash news briefing so then I will go put on my Google home to get me the news whilst I open the windows to finally let some daylight in by the way if you're wondering today I am wearing this jumper from Bowden and these trousers from Miss patina with a thermal vest underneath then I will go do my hair and get ready and I'm really sorry for this angle I thought you could see more of my face when you actually can I will just put some bobby pins into my head to keep my fringe tone growing out off my face and I also like to put on some face cream this is the second face product I use I will usually put on some concealer as well then I will head to the kitchen to get some breakfast and the first thing I like to do is just rinse out my water bottles or filling it up for my lectures and seminars this is such an important thing to bring to classes I think staying hydrated when you're learning is so important and I find I concentrate so much better when I have got a water bottle with me so this morning for breakfast I decided to have a yogurt Bowl so I am using this out Pro coconut yogurt with some frozen mango some fruits and berries and some bananas and peanut butter I just love yogurt bowls they are so delicious and really refreshing as well so then I would just go put my shoes on put my key on and put my coat on because as I've said it is very cold and actually a wonder I'm not wearing my ski jacket today because I usually won't waste ski jacket then I will just consult this list that I have which details all of the things that I should bring Who campus with me depending whatever the week it is so since it's Friday I did packed my laptop and attach that we had to read that week and then I just packed my bag and head to campus so after my 8:30 seminar that finishes at 10:30 this particular day I did go to the gym before heading back home and this is just because I had a social this evening so I was going to miss trampolining and I still wanted to get some exercise so I went to the gym to the 11:30 and then I had it back to my room and did some studying so thank you so much for watching today's video I hope that you enjoyed it and I hope that you have a productive you


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GUYS. This is it. I got my final uni degree results recently and opened them live on camera. Here’s how I did…
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I can feel my heart in my flight my god I'm really fuckin nervous oh my god I feel sick I just don't want to do this I just don't wanna know I don't actually know if you can see how much I'm shaking but I'm shaking quite a bit right let's just do it so hey guys first of all this outfit is accidentally very symbolic I was actually wearing this exact to jumpsuit in like my video my first video like 4 months after I finished my dissertation obviously if you guys watch my channel you will have seen it but I'll have it linked in the video and this is also exactly the outfit that I wore when I was taking my dissertation picture obviously you guys can get the relevance from the title of the video this outfit wasn't planned I've just got back from work and it just happened that I was wearing this jumpsuit today don't like filming videos a lot of the time if it's like something really short sleeves as I just don't like I don't know I told my arms like out so I always put something over it and I just quickly tuck this on and then I realized wait that's my exact dissertation picture so yeah as you can tell by the title of the video today today I've got on my results my University results this is the dissertation results but my dissertation is the only thing I haven't gotten more results for so essentially after I know my dissertation grade I can pretty much figure out what my overall literal like whole university degree mark is whether I got the first one to one I've got T to whether I got third whether I failed so I'm shitting myself basically we got told that we'd be getting our grades on Friday and today's Tuesday and so I've just you know not been expecting it I was just checking my emails earlier today at work it was around 2:00 p.m. and I just want email saying third year English single subjects combined some plates whatever dissertation grades are in and I was like are you fucking kidding me I'm not prepared when I was 2 p.m. I've still got 4 more hours of work and yeah I'm just oh I'm guessing like a lot of people watch these kind of videos who might have like search these videos all I come across this kind of video so if you haven't you know watch my videos before I am Alicia I am was just you know a third-year English student and that's like English Literature at the University of York so I finished my degree you know unless we you know find out these grades and I realize I need to do my degree all over again but yeah final year I basically finished my degree in May my dissertation was the singer submitted and yeah that's that and I'm just about to open on camera live my dissertation results which would determine my whole degree results and so I'm fucking shitting myself oh god I can feel my heart in my throat so yeah I don't really know how I've done I feel like towards the end of my degree as I've talked about before watch my videos I was kind of gauging how to write good essays like I was like oh okay it seems like these things like when I did focus bit more on this I was talking about this actually in my last a live reaction video which if you haven't seen that maybe you want to see that that was me opening my essay grades so when my first ever first ever essay grades of third year and there's a big frost because every essay we write is a hundred percent of that module so every essay is you know obviously a big deal because it's like like a fifth of my you know my grade for the years I did kind of start to figure out like how essays work whereas a dissertation obviously I played this applied the same things but a dissertation is on a completely different scale it's a whole you know project God saying that just his making Susak so yeah you just you just I don't know essentially I'm hoping them don't I've done well I'm kind of sitting at a local 67 ish and the way ours works is if you like two marks off the next kind of boundary so if you get 58 that meets your two away from a sixty which is a to one and 68 that means your two offices seventy which means you would get you'd get first so if your two off they kind of just the shifting to see if some of the the waiting has basically brought your grade lower usually the split is this is common for most universities what in first-year no grades count second-year is forty percent and third year is sixty percent but they can the shift map waiting to kind of be at your advantage if you get sixty a or 58 or 48 whatever or above so that you take into the next grade boundary so I'm kind of possibly going to be on that grade boundary but I problem I don't really think so because I'm it's weird one because this year I think so far my essays I think I calculated I'm averaging like a 68 if I'm not wrong about obviously for a second year grades count as well I think I got 66 overall last year I did another video on that as well like talking about my whole second year grade again it will be linked if you want to watch that I'll link all of these kind of videos in the description as well that might be helpful but they'll be in the cards when I mention them but yeah I was on about 66 so essentially I'm in a pretty secure to one kind of level say now obviously my dissertation could have been really shit and I could have gotten like 30 and I could get dragged all the way down to like a 2 – I think it's just time that I actually open it I've got my laptop right here and I'm just gonna open the brain oh my god I'm really fucking nervous so ok I'm laughing but like oh my god I feel sick I feel fucking sick I feel like I said that that exact phrase in my last video oh my god oh my god I'm so I just don't want to do this I just don't wanna die I just want to live in my bubble of yes okay so I'm only evision the portal where all our grades come in and I've seen this page way too many times and felt this way too many times on this web page and I'm happy this is the last time hopefully Oh God God is okay some of the page guys okay I'm on the page this is the really shitty thing because on this page you can actually see all the grades that you've gotten since the beginning so it's that moment of scrolling down slowly I feel really nervous now I don't actually know if you can see how much I'm shaking but I'm shaking quite a bit right let's just do it okay okay so I've got a 68 in my dissertation oh my god look how much I'm shaking I'm actually not disappointed that because that means I've got a t1 so I'm not disappointed I'm a little bit I'm not that disappointed it's like a decent ground it means I've got a t1 overall and that makes me happy hey guys so I'm back after like literally two hours it'll probably tell I feel like the lighting might have changed a bit the quality of my makeup might have changed a bit but essentially right after I literally said the grade I can't remember I feel like I said I've got a 68 I'm pretty happy with that or something like that my phone people waiting downstairs in anticipation so I was like you know what I can't do this to them we need to go downstairs and then we just had a whole massive like chat about it and everything so two hours later I'm back and also actually what I had to do as well was calculate Oh God I've just done too much math to my brain hurt and I see in the end I had to use an unknown weighted average calculator which I don't know why I didn't try and do that in the first place but obviously I've got different modules each individual like you know module has its amount of credits which make up that whole year and then each of the two years second and third year also I'll split like I was saying 40 60 so there was a lot of maths that needed to be done for me to kind of calculate it but I figured out that in total overall my grade under some really fucked up somewhere which I really don't think I'm home I got sixty seven point three nine recurring so pretty much 67 point four which obviously I'm super happy about war like no I am super happy now I I'm just so happy with that my whole you know time I've always said if I just get a 2-1 I will be so so happy with that and obviously I've got another pretty you know secure high t1 as well so I'm really happy with that it's just a little bit frustrating because the way our course is set up like I've explained it earlier if you're like within like two months of the next boundary they'll shift your grades up to see if you can get pushed up so I've got sixty seven point three sixty seven point four as I said if I'd gotten 68 they could have shifted up my grades around to see if I get a first guys if you know me in real life and I feel like I must on a video I've been saying from the beginning of this degree that I am going to be that person that's like one mark away from getting a fast I know that sounds pretty cocky but I especially like to the point where it lot till its second year where I kind of realized I was always in that high to one kind of mark and get some first I always knew I was gonna be teetering around that like two one first again we still don't have our actual final grades obviously like I said my dissertation was the only one left so obviously I've calculated myself but the final kind of decision comes on Friday so actually I'm gonna do is I come back like this video I'll upload it after I've done I've got that I'm gonna come back and I sit down and film and tell you my final thing because like I'm still hoping there's someone out there that's like okay do you know what she got 67 point for that she's up to a 68 which means that we can cut like I don't know if that actually works because I feel like in that case like loads of people could just get shoved up to like you know the next road boundary so maybe they will be really strict with it needs to be a 60 a in which case I could have been like I couldn't let you be 0.6 marks away from a first which is so frustrating but yeah like I said honestly I'm really really happy I've just got a – one night I've got good quality like high level degree grade from Raqqa top university so obviously like I'm really grateful and we were just talking about as well but like I'm actually so grateful for the support everything I got from like my family from friends and like my boyfriend Luke so many times I felt like I can do it and it was just having support from people and even from you guys like always with my emotion we know you've done really well like congratulations any time I talk to my my grades people be like you're really smart like you've got this so it's all you guys as well I am just so happy and I'm just so happy that that chapter is closed I'm graduating end of July and it's just gonna be yeah and hopefully it's gonna be super nice so I'm I'm gonna end this bit and like I said you'll see me again on Friday to you know talk about the actual kind of final degree grade we'll see if I've got pressure up to offers I really don't think I will be I'm not gonna lie like I said I'm happy Amy hey this video is gonna be all over the place you know how in those other clips on the day that I actually got my results I said I'd come back on Friday and kind of you know finish off the video is actually the next Wednesday so it's about a week later and here we are you saw that I got my actual grade for my dissertation but they were like right so the final results of like we was she getting your degree is gonna come on Friday but realistically it was the only greater had left so I could easily work out what I got anyway so as I explained in that video I ended up at the t1 the Friday was a manic day because it was also the same day as my sister's prom and she needed to leave for prom at like 20 to 7:00 on Fridays I finish at 5 and get home pretty much like just to sex a few minutes the sex medically like did her makeup her prom was great for anyone who wonders yeah essentially I actually opened that final kind of degree decision in the back of the car on the way back after dropping my sister off was and exactly how I expected to open it was the whole day had been very very long I was just like you know what I know the grade anyway so like there's nothing Bank something about opening this email even though like I was pretty sad and I was gonna say was the two one that was like this little bit of me which was like maybe the 67 point 4 gets rounded up to a 68 and that 68 obviously means that and they'll shift it around for me to get first that didn't happen I was got well like I feel like to be honest I would didn't seem that excited about getting a t1 if all that my reaction was very like muted and that's simply because I'm kind of knew I was gonna get a t1 from the beginning like not from the beginning being and what like like I said the dissertation was the last grade I got so I kind of had worked on my averages obviously over the last two years my average for this year was actually pretty good it was my highest which is great because obviously you feel like 30 years like the year I guess you want to do the best thing I actually got sixty eight point three so if it was just you to this third year I would have been pushed up to her first I suppose but my 66 in second years what brought me down so obviously laughs percent averaged out to sixty seven point four yeah it was only the dissertation that was left to be graded so I'd already worked out that I was pretty much guaranteed a 2:1 like unless I completely and flopped my dissertation it would be very hard for like my average to get dragged all the way down to like below 60 to get a tutu so I was like I really don't think I'll get a tutu unless I have really fucked up this dissertation and also I knew that I'd have to do quite well and to get the first in the distillation I got the 68 like I said so it would have had to be like more of like a security wall it would have had to be a first I think and it would have had to be quite a secure kind of first so I was like that's a bit more like you know it could happen I mean it's not like I've not written first essays before but it's not like yeah definitely do that and get the first so I was like you know what I feel like I'm gonna get to you when I feel like I'm guaranteed this to one and that's what I'm gonna get so I'd kind of like accepted that I was gonna get a to one from like very very low you know since when I got my grades for my last two essays say after those two essays where I got again kind of like high to 2 to 1 sorry I think there is 66 and a 68 I kind of just realize I think I'm gonna get a few more like I'd accepted that so I thought that's why when I got the actual grader was it like oh my god I got to one I was just you know lt1 I kind of knew that would happen I'm still very happy with that like a couple of things that I was like oh my god it's really bloody annoying that 0.6 more and my grade could have been you know and joked around they would have like once with my grades you know see if I could get that fast so that was really really annoying it's weird because I knew I was gonna be so happy with the t1 I feel like I would have been happy I would like a 2:1 that was like a 63 or something or like something that was just like right okay securely in the 2-1 but it's the fact that I was so close to that first it's so frustrating I wouldn't have thought that deeply about it if it was just like a 65 that would have been I can't call got the two one but it was the fact that I was just that tiny bit away from her first was very frustrating but you know what can you do I'm still very happy with you know the grade it's a 2-1 from a good university a good cause so yeah that's it that is my degree done and dusted oh I should say yeah got rounded down I guess to be honest it could have been might have been rounded up to like a 68 I guess it was like 60 7.5 but cuz I've got 67 point for my final you know mark was was just a 67 I got like the final email which was like what was it a decision from the Board of Studies it's very serious that was like the final official thing saying yet this is your grade it was a 67 they took that 0.39 off Max's law to me in 67 second class honors in the first division so yeah that's my degree I hope you guys enjoyed this heckle difficulty video let me know if you guys are maybe like lower year university students or maybe even you're just about to get into university and you want to see any you know videos you think could be quite helpful for uni because obviously I guess now I'm finished maybe I have some like tips and you know myself probably not I'll just pretend that I knew I was doing hitting the whole time so yeah let me know if you guys enjoyed this video please do give it a thumbs up I'm sorry dent and also don't forget to subscribe so you see more videos from me click on about to turn on your post notifications at the you don't miss a video and yeah thanks for watching guys I'll see you in the next one bye you

UGC NET Test Series 2 | English Literature

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#UGCNET #EnglishLIterature #MyExamSolution
In this video you will find the MCQ Questions which has been asked in UGC NET Previous Year Exam.
You can take it as a test series, you can do one think just pause the video and mark the answer and a the end of the video comment your scores
trust me it will help you a lot.

Rasa Theory in Hindi | English Literature | Natya Shastra

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The rasa theory has a dedicated section (Chapter 6) in the Sanskrit text Natya Shastra, an ancient scripture from the 1st millenium BCE attributed to Bharata Muni.

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Indian English Literature |(Hindi) Mulk Raj Anand, R.K Narayan, Raja Rao | summary part -1 ||

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Indian English Literature | Mulk raj Anand, R.K. Narayan, Raja Rao | (Hindi) Summary | part-1 ||

I am Pooja. Welcome to my channel.Happy to help.

About the video –

Indian English literature (IEL) is the body of work by writers in India who write in the English language and whose native or co-native language could be one of the numerous languages of India.

Its early history began with the works of Michael Madhusudan Dutt which was followed by R. K. Narayan, Mulk Raj Anand and Raja Rao who contributed to Indian fiction in the 1930s. It is also associated with the works of members of the Indian diaspora who are of Indian descent.

It is frequently referred to as Indo-Anglian literature.

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GCSE English Literature Paper 2 Teacher Special. Poetry, Text, English Literature GCSE Exam Tips!

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MSE teen Jorj Robert is joined by English Teacher Mrs Cory to talk about all things GCSE English Literature Paper 2. Mrs Cory will be talking about AQA GCSE English Literature Exam tips as well as Edexcel GCSE English Literature questions and techniques. How you can get extra marks and how to tackle the exam questions. Are you doing Blood Brothers, Inspector Calls, Jane Eyre or something another text? Great video on GCSE English Literature Paper 2 from MSE. Like and sub for more great content.

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If you’re finding exam time tough, we don’t want you to feel stressed by submitting reactions for MSE. Remember you can always pass a task. There are links below for organisations that can help if you need more support during exam time:

The Mix – A confidential helpline, email or chat counselling for young people. Freephone advice line.

Childline – Advice for coping with exam stress and 24hr free advice line.

Young Minds – As well their own free helpline, there are also details of many other places you can look for support.

BBC Bitesize – Support around revision, getting through exams and taking care of your wellbeing.

clearly look for the keywords and for example that one is spring at the school don't open the paper to the first page and go inspector calls oh yeah I watch that film what the difference is in those two things is are you using commas in the right place today I am joined with mrs. Kouri an English teacher as you have seen her on a previous livestream today we're going to be talking all things English and preparing for Thursday's GCSE English literature paper – we've got a list the questions down here we're gonna get full of them so just grab a coffee cup tea whatever you want and we're just gonna get through them okay so first question yeah tell us about the paper – itself and how it we different from paper one okay paper two then it's it's gonna be tackling the range of text if you look in a QA it's gonna be tackling a drama first your first set of questions will be about modern plays modern texts going in then going into and this is anthology and of short stories all there's prose texts and then going into poetry okay the Edexcel paper will be looking at bear with me sorry it goes it starts with the novels it goes into a comparison of anthology poems and then unseen poems as well okay what advice would you give to people who didn't do so well in the paper one and what can they change and work on for people – okay well they might with variety of reasons why you think you haven't done well on paper one but you need to also remember that is is English isn't right and wrong answer if you've followed the guidance of your teacher which would have been to look for evidence in the text back it up with you know with your comments yeah I'm sure you would have done fine sometimes we feel as if we haven't done as well as we have so you shouldn't worry moving forward you need to make sure that you have a last minute look Oh your text and it might be the easiest way to do that is to maybe listen to a recording will take there to be a lot quicker than going through and read in a play or watch a performance of it if you can get performance of it online for example it might be difficult to watch Lord of the Flies if I'm not sure it's on Netflix or someone any of those streaming shows at the moment but just see if you can't do that to go throw it your short stories should be relatively quick for you to go through but if they're not and you've got your novel say for example animal farm or Pride and Prejudice my four I'm sorry Jane Eyre my advice would be is to sit down with your friends and just to go through the text because they're chunky checks sit down work through it together maybe brainstorm the cop you know the characters the themes and refresh yourself that way yeah so we are just a few days now before paper – what tips would you give about how to plan your vision from now until the exam more or less just what why I said I would definitely unless you really like to work alone I would work with others it's so much easier because you've got all got different ideas and you can bounce off each other definitely go and make mind maps for your characters and the themes and see where they interlink a character will drive a theme or the theme will you know you won't they won't be able to be taken apart so you need to look at how they let into link because that's probably where your questions are going to come out – okay so Emma CPU is always asked what type of questions will come up in the exam do you have any advice on that again we're not working on legacy papers we are working on these new papers this is our third presentation of them and so there isn't a lot out there that we can look at to say this has come before or this hasn't come before but you you you can guarantee you know need to know your characters don't neglect the smaller characters I remember once women coming up on great expectations and people saying who was that and needs to place this very small part so it would be a case of going through all your characters and seeing where you can do some revision for them and with the poems again making sure you've got your themes of your poems and how you can cross repair them okay cool could you give us a few examples of different types of like worded questions that might come up and how would you approach that okay what I'll do then if that's okay it's just have a look look for example this last year question come up about from Jane Eyre and it was explore bronty's presentation how she presents the arrival of spring Loic scroll now it could be anything that comes up with that as an example school is damp it's it's it's dreadful it's it's set in a beautiful County but actually it's it's really pretty dismal for them so spring is such a highlight so don't neglect things like the seasons and how they will go through or how time passes through your novels as well let's Center it wouldn't rather than just thinking oh it's going to be do to do with Jane's neglect or all those kind of issues in the play and the story the novel yeah and so obviously with English you are writing for a very long time I know I started with that personally how do you plan an answer when you see the exam question there was the first wall do to look for the key words in the question clearly look for the key words and for example that one is spring at the school so you know you're not going to be talking about later in the novel you I'm going to be talking about that initial part of the novel and you need to go through and look at how it changes because or how you would compare that to the other seasons at the school so you need to make a plan and I would always spend a good ten minutes going through my plan and clearly saying right I'm going to talk about this and then that and then listen and then you can always go back to that and room and keep reminding yourself of how you're answering the question which is important yeah so I also started with reading personally so for those who do struggle with reading and often how can they prepare that best for paper two again reading is a big part it's lit of the literature tax because you've not only needed you need to be play you need to read a novel and an anthology of no answer so my only advice is to listen to them maybe it might be so getting an audio book go in online and get museum you get yourself a copy of an audio book we have got a few days left you could probably do four hours of a short novel it might be worth spending that time to read through the novel again or for any students coming up for next year my advice might be to ask your parents to invest in an audio book of the novel you can listen to it you know while you do another homework and you can sit and you can go through that maybe you might want to read the poems yourself most of them you can get on YouTube online there and listen to them mm-hmm it's just looking for other strategies of what works for you yeah you're not sir yeah this is almost like a follow-up question it's so if people have left their revision to the last minute which a lot of people do can they still do some useful things to help them in the exam definitely and I would go back to it be in a case of sitting down with your friends for that revision I'm working together because if anything you can be not stealing their ideas but magpie magpie in is a better word magpie their ideas and borrow them and they will bring they will bring information back to you you sat in a classroom probably for eight weeks learning that novel it things would have sunk in that you don't realize the Sun can turn to sit with us and discuss it it'll helped it bring bring that information up for you oh cool okay what are the most common mistakes that people like Mike might make in the exam okay now I've been looking at some of the chief examiner reports and they talk about rubrics infringement and that is where you don't answer the question properly so say for example they ask you to read to say for example on the NQ a paper questions 1 to 24 you should throw and you should look for your novel and your play you know the first one you're going to come across is inspector calls then blood brothers then history boys and generally they're always in the right order okay don't open the paper to the first page and go inspector cause oh yeah I watched that film I'll have a go at that question when actually you should be looking at Curious Incident of the night which is like 10 pages in yeah okay and that is the biggest thing is you don't go through the paper so spend a minute flick through the paper turn the corner of the page over if you have to and then go through and make sure you were answering the right question then make sure you're answering the question correctly right okay yeah um you got any like final tips for those that want the extra marks and that you get to get them and I would I always tell my students to go online and look at the analysis of poems and characters that are available but I would not and that is great but I would not neglect your gut reaction because each of the examples will be looking for your personal engagement or your personal response and be in perspective and finding something that maybe you discussed at the dining table with your dad because he studied that model as well look for something a bit more unique as long as you can back it up with evidence sometimes you can gain some more marks but just being a little bit more perceptive you need to look for the hidden meaning you need to look for the the deeper meaning so if you imagine it like an iceberg at the top it's gonna be very surface and as you go down and look for how it links to other areas in a novel maybe there's a thread that the novelist or the playwright has run through and it's not so obvious they're the things more sophisticated hidden meanings that you can pick up on and maybe be awarded with high marks okay so some people who are doing different examples worried about the differences if you could spend a little bit of time explaining how they can pick up I'm sure that I have a lot people okay but when I looked because I hadn't taught AQA for many years I looked into their exam criteria then marketing criteria and the assessment object one of the assessment objectives they have is for the accuracy of your it's the vocabulary sentence structures and mean how you come across so how effective you are right in your essay that's kind of embedded in to Edexcel but with AQA there is a clear for marks that are available you can imagine for marks can take you from one bake grade boundary to another so it's quite that's quite important it comes up I believe on question on the first set of quick questions on AQA which is your section a which is your longer essay that will be for prose or drama and there this is this they call it a threshold performance which says your spelling has reasonable accuracy your range of vocabulary then errors the errors do not hinder the meaning you get one mark intermediate then is where you're considerably accurate and your sentence achieve control that's what the difference isn't those two things is are you using commas in the right place are you using embedded clauses so finally comma in conclusion comma and it's putting in those lovely little language techniques that we use in language but they need to be applied here for literature and they can make the difference between a four or five five or six they could take you into a different grade boundary and then they're quite important the higher performance if that's something that you're really good at you might want to then look at extending your vocabulary and it's something that was asked by one of our students in the last video that we looked at for the previous paper and what recovery could you use and and that's where you would say this is where you would maybe use your technical language you know that this is a metaphor this is anaphora this is you know there's loads of those words over there and ah Surrey is a good place to start with that if you you're confident in your technical accuracy I would then start to get these four marks for a QA I would be going back and looking over a glossary of literary terms so what about Edexcel it's very different no Edexcel there isn't any um the you need to be you need to be coherent right I think it's the word that's used to get the higher grades and so and so therefore you need to again make sure that you're using good vocabulary and sentence structures however I've I've known examiner's haven't marked a student down if they've used enough and put the spell to ENU FF as always your phonetic Rennicks Alex it's not so you're not you don't need these marks as long as you're making yourself clear you're not going to these marks could make the difference between a four and a five or a five and a six for student who is desperate for those grades and it's not such a big problem for an ED SL students exam time can be challenging if you're finding it difficult to cope follow the links in the description for information on the support available

Can Mr Salles Predict the Power and Conflict Question?

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hello and welcome to this last minute revision video for the power-on conflict where I'm going to get off a fence and try to give you a prediction now in order to work that out it's really worth you seeing how the examiner has thought in the three specimen papers and the exam of 2017 and the exam of 2018 so the first specimen paper asked us to think about the idea of power I should have made that bold because it comes up all the time in awesome an dias and as you know you always have to relate it to one other poem and it has to be from the power and conflict section in 2015 the next specimen paper talks about the natural world and it used storm on the island so we've got a pre 1918 poem and a modern poem then there's a third specimen paper which looks at the effects of conflict in poppies and so that was war that was the natural world and that was power for the first actual exam they went for war again with bayonet charge and then for 2018 look they repeated the theme of power from the 2014 specimen paper well once you see the examiners repeating things from the specimen paper you then have to say well is it going to be conflict of people or the natural world which one of those two are they most likely to repeat and then the other question is if they've had a pre 1918 poem just recently are they likely to go for a modern one in 2019 I think the answer is probably yes so I've tried to think a little bit tactically for you here so my prediction is that it won't be a pre 1918 poem and that the question will either be on place which hasn't come up or the natural world which is similar at all between people if you prepare for a question on nature that would also answer a question on place and very lightly answer a question on people and to hit all of those I'm going to suggest camicazi in a minute as a great one to revise London will also cover people because it lists all these different people it's brilliant and he's chosen London for a reason with lots of descriptions it will also cover place it doesn't quite fit the idea of nature although you could make it fit because he is a pastoral poet whose romantic and he's describing cities and London as the opposite of nature which is why it starts with the idea of the chartered Thames so if you're really good strong candidate you could answer a nature question with London but otherwise you'd go for Comikaze now I'm not saying in fact I'm hoping that neither London or camicazi will be the named poem and the reason I'm hoping that is you've got the named one in front of you and it's easy to find quotations and remember what you want to say so what were actually trying to predict is a poem that will fit the named poem to compare to my go to as you will know from my videos is always to pick a pre 1918 poem because you can write about the form of structure so well so if you're writing about London you can include the idea of human nature if it's people and you can link the idea of human nature to nature we see the exploitation of children as unnatural the destruction of women in this poem as unnatural the transmission of sexual diseases which are also unnatural I mean the diseases are natural but the way in which they're spread isn't it's done through recklessness and and all of these are caused by a move to cities caused by urbanization caused by the ills in society that Blake thinks would be cured if we had a more pastoral ideal if we still lived in a natural state if we still lived in nature the place is used to demand political change that's why sets in the capital in London and this is a direct link to the French Revolution which Blake supported and so if you want to know more about London and why wouldn't you you should just type mr. Sally's London into YouTube you'll find my 36 minute analysis it's not had that many views but I think it's pretty good obviously I've tried to update that two months ago so that you can just concentrate on five key quotations and that's a top revision method because you only need five quotations really to answer the question because obviously you're going to have five quotations from the other poem that's ten quotations that's a lot to write about and if you're feeling really interested there's a little watched video that I made with my daughter I didn't film her but this was her favorite poem when she did a-level so she's got some really interesting things to say about it when we're thinking about the structure and form of London you've got this Nursery Rhyme kind of feel which links it to the idea of childhood the innocence that's being destroyed by the city it's also an easy way to make the poem memorable in order to change readers opinions because you carry the poem around with you it's meant to be repeated outloud and passed on in families and obviously making it childlike also has the added political message that this is how we should educate our children in contrast to the kind of experience that children have within the poem right camicazi is unusual in a modern poem in that it also has an interesting structure that you can speak about I'll put links to my videos up here so you can explore that more fully but the idea here is that everything is reported second and third-hand the natural world is what chain is the pilots mind the father's mind so we can write about nature here because what he sees from his aeroplane all this description of nature is what inspires him to live it seems to be speaking to him directly but we also have what is unnatural in it well obviously killing himself is an unnatural act seen from a different cultures perspective anyway and also we have the unnatural education of the children where they are taught not to love their father we then got the final reconciliation with the speaker's children and their grandfather and rejection of the mother's view so again you'll need to watch my video on camicazi if this did not make sense to you but I'll explain it briefly here so we have the kamikaze pilot who returns and his wife rejects him this wife teaches her children also to reject him the Speaker of the poem is their daughter of the wife and the pilot and she's now telling a story to her children but she's telling it about grandfather's boat now what this means is she's talking about their grandfather which means she's talking about her father the pilot so although the speaker's mother has rejected the father the new generation the daughter has actually grown up to accept him in other words she's changed the culture and Japanese culture is no longer about this pointless self-sacrifice that glorifies suicide and he has now got this new life welcomed into the family as a grandfather of the daughter's children okay now I know teachers aren't teaching that interpretation but that's the only interpretation that makes sense to me and it's because of that phrase grandfather's boat it must mean that he has now been accepted so you will distinguish yourself from other candidates if you're writing about this poem and you've got that interpretation and it's also about conned conflict between individuals and the society they live in and as I've suggested here the society has changed and again if you type Mr Sallis camicazi into YouTube you have two choices here my full grade 9 analysis which takes 41 minutes and that might put you off because revision is you know touch-and-go now my much shorter five key quotations to get the top grades is only 16 minutes long is a really good one to go to I'll try and link it up here right your next job is to work out how to compare the poems to get the marks and if you type Mr Sallis how to compare you get these come up that one's not the one that you want how to compare the poet's purposes is really good five secrets that poetry comparison people don't like this video I don't know why maybe YouTube objects to the skull and it were it won't promote it and how to choose your poetry comparison is really good and how to get grade 9 when comparing and my top recommendation for you actually is this learning the foss method so that's the one that i think you'll find most useful and is the one that i'll try and link up here but lots of comparison videos which will really help you nail this question so remember when you're revising kamakazi it's really important to do that analysis of the natural world and so find the quotations of nature there to write about and when you're looking at London you can still include the natural world if you're sophisticated enough but obviously people in place this is also about Japan so it's all about a specific place and it will fit that question as well so we're hoping that neither of these poems are named and you can use both of them to fit any question and if by some bizarre coincidence the examiners decide to repeat last year's question go for war then kamikazes got that covered as well okay get cracking in that revision good luck in the exam see you soon on my channel

Can Mr Salles Predict the AIC Question?

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Today’s GCSE English Literature Paper 2 Reaction: GCSE English Literature Exam, English Text, Poetry

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A WEEK IN MY LIFE AT DURHAM UNIVERSITY (Study with Me and Honest Uni Review!) | Jack Edwards | AD

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A Shakespearean tragedy is a play penned by Shakespeare himself, or a play written in the style of Shakespeare by a different author. Shakespearean tragedy has got its own specific features, which distinguish it from other kinds of tragedies. It must be kept in mind that Shakespeare is mostly indebted to Aristotle’s theory of tragedy in his works. The elements of a Shakespearean tragedy are discussed in this video
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Trifles – A one act role-play for English Literature Final Assignment

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I want to know from you all that why we Indians are called “JAGADGURU” WHY ???
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2 hours 15 minutes is ridiculous!! How was it for you guys!?!?


Ancient Classics for Beginners | Ultimate Book Guide

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Books mentioned:

Euripides Medea and Other Plays:
The Odyssey (Translated by Fagles):
The Odyssey (Translated by Rieu):
The Odyssey (Translated by Emily Wilson):
The Aeneid:
The Republic:
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hello my fellow with the creatures have you all Wow so this isn't my spontaneity over the video I wouldn't really do a video like this without really prepping my hangout time this week and I wants to make a video so I'm afraid it's kind of spontaneous list but I'm quite certain with choices I have a bleep on top of the video hi very sincere and I'm going to give you a video on the classics ancient classics that I would recommend for beginners now background to me most of you know that I did join torrents degree in English literature and Cass College Jenny before I did classics I had zero experience of any ancient classics whatsoever I never had any classes I've never done any texts I had a curiosity in the field but it hadn't redone much into it my main classical endeavors have been through Shakespeare plays so I hadn't really had any raw organic contact with any of the text before I went to university so I can guarantee that all these texts are for novice beginners because that's what I was and these are the first texts I had to do after University and they were once I had the most fun with I skipped over a couple of Greek cleric texts which wasn't enough to find a Greek lyric poetry I'm just gonna put that out there so these are ones that I would recommend that people start with an absolute beginners and spoiler alert they're all really easy to read and there is a misconception in the classics or the academic world per se that classics and ancient classics are very difficult to really text I've ever struggle to read in my whole field of reading is just heavy philosophy like heavy philosophy and heavy mathematics those are two things that I have great difficulty reading oh and astrophysics obviously so then there is a heavy reads me AG classics of easy peasy lemon squeezy like there's nothing complicated about this tank it's hard to read Old English and even Middle English that it is compared but 80 classics are really accessible the only people are like you to think that they're inaccessible are those top elitist academic stops and we won't go into them because they can just go and do themselves want you to feel inferior these are all accessible and you can probably get copies of these online for free because obviously they're all out of copyright do you probably get PDFs online for free or even audiobooks however warning not any old copy of the ancient classics you have to be really smart with your translation choices these are the translation choices that I felt most comfortable with they're also the ones that my primary like lead lecturers recommended to me so they are things that I trusted I have dabbled in other translations and these are the ones that I actually preferred so I trusted my lecturers and I have doubled onto curiosity and I've still stuck to these these the ones I refer to whenever I had to refer to ancient classics I really enjoyed the translations of them so I'm going to actually start with the book that I'm really sad that I don't have anymore I have searched high and low but I've lost my collection of your pities now you're appeasing major Greek playwright and the main plays that I would like to highlight that you should read as a beginner are Medea and Hippolyta there and Hippolytus are both ancient Greek tragedies Medea is about the Gorgon Medea and her children and her son Jason which you probably have heard of from Jason and the recordin fleece that if they came together they made children and this is kind of Madonna's downfall and her families now Hippolytus is our antihero who is madly in love with the goddess Huntress Artemis the doom that will follow if you were to pursue his romantic interests and that is what the play is about their birth to fantastically accessible and very engaging ancient Greek plays and I would highly recommend both now on to the books I do have so we're going to start with the one I've got three coffees off and I'm gonna start with the original copy units shift through lovely story so first and foremost were obviously going to talk about Homer's Odyssey now most people solve it the Iliad first in fact I think I read the ending access I wish I bought I think I love I was lucky because I really enjoyed reading The Iliad except for the catalog of ships that I can go to hell but the Iliad is a fantastic read but if you're really really like scared of any boredom because there is a little bit of boredom in the Iliad you know the catalog of ships just goes on farting on these little things like that it's a dry war so if you wanting a little bit more lighthearted into before you go into the Iliad I recommend Homer's Odyssey this edition is obviously by Penguin Classics and this is translated by robert fagles who is a fantastic translator you will see his name pop up a few times this is actually in the verse version you can get read The Odyssey in either verse or prose ie story or poetry I prefer reading him in verse but if you were to read one Empress my recommendation would be Liana see here I've got the beautiful Coraline mcfist man cloth politician and this one again is actually the one that I was recommended as translated for my lecturers who I really enjoyed reading it is e V rear if you're if you're scared of not catching the names that I'm mentioning everything is listed down below do you don't worry all translations and the exact copies are down below so there's this beautiful prose version and if you're really curious and seeing more of a change in the classical field can I introduce to you the Odyssey Homer translated by Emily Wilson the first woman to translate the oddest name so again this was going to give a different perspective I haven't actually reviewed this yet I would have to like to do a comparative review between fagles translation and Wilson's translation so we will see how that goes it's a love you paying they're wearing Owaisi texts like this but I'd actually like to do a whole video dedicated to that so if you if you think you'd be interested in that please give a thumbs up and just let me know in the comments like I don't bore you if you don't mean if you really want to know who talk about Homer might as well go on to the Iliad there you see all the little tiny build tiny flickers I have here the Iliad really captured me not so why Iliad is more complicated and a little bit more not difficult to read but a bit more Fafi you have to keep referring if you're not familiar with weak myths and you're just feeling a little bit uh who are all these people why are they all mentioning it having just a note guide online just to follow it through really helps I found one online if I can remember which one I had I will link it down below which effectively let you translate each line like with notes so you could read in your book and you looked at the line on there and you clicked it and it gave you footnotes for every line there are some editions of both the Odyssey and the Iliad that do that for you but again this has been translated by robert fagles so what's nice is you have the same tone over the two texts and that's quite important when it comes to translations and particularly with similar tanks by a similar voice because if you ever think translator over both it'll make it in fact I would love if Emily Wilson their translation because that would make a perfect like a compliment if you know what I mean it spreads out a library it creates the library of classicism by two different voices but consistent so the Iliad if you're unfamiliar with the story in fact I should have told you the story of Homer's Odyssey technically chronologically the Iliad comes first the Iliad is the story of the Greeks versus Trojans and Odysseus is in the Iliad these are main feature but he is the star of the Odyssey as you can tell from the name so the obviously takes place after the Trojan War I don't want to tell you what happens but it's eventually mainly the story of Achilles and his lover and the the fight between the Trojans and the Greeks and the goals keep coming down and meddling and messing up in it again the language is very accessible don't think it's gonna be weird oldie Walden language very accessible just this is a little bit of Fafi which is why I actually recommended the Odyssey first because the Odyssey is very clean-cut it's just at the easiest who's been lying with you know on Calypso's island for so many years leaving his wife do his or her own work and fight off the series well he just has a little bit of fun with the other ladies around and keeps messing around by group from island to island and Poseidon who hates him doesn't want him to get home and depending again and in the conflict the gods and the TCS battling the gods we spend these on to the third installment of the series but not written by the same person which is the Aeneid by Virgil this is obviously a Roman Texas in the first row of attacks I have mentioned it was far more attached to Romans which you will hear about more as I get on to other texts by the Greeks the first step major Greeks sat down literature as we know we're today you know the a degrees influence that shows we know today from plays to philosophies to even literary criticism ie Aristotle's Poetics highly recommend it's a singular text I don't have it in its own embodiment I had it in an anthology in another literary theory textbook that I have mostly though is Hellenistic which is a complete different field all together I'm just focusing on the ancient Greeks and the Romans right now so anyway we're not bit of a Babel right that but we're going back to the Aeneid which is the romans version of the greek artists a pedigree portal Virgil was forced into writing the Roman epic because the Romans were just trying to compete with the Greeks negative it is it don't good job a bit gonna stress the Romans don't get enough credit for how much they did to us like seriously the Romans did a lot of me okay yes if you're conquering but most of our scientific is sewage systems our roads our money you know everything the Romans kind of laid down for us so the Romans actually were they even the Greek just get a lot of credibility because of lay down the literature and the philosophies but actually I would think enough credit goes to the Romans but anyway moving on rant over my Virgil was effectively asked by or Gustus to create the Roman ethic that they wanted to compete with Homer you know they wants to lay down their mythology effectively of the birth of Rome so as you could tell from the Greeks verse the Trojans the Trojans were the ones that established Rome at SRI hast day so Aeneas whose start that you need is the one who found in Rome and Augustus who was the most narcissistic leader or mercy the most narcissistic there was a lot of narcissistic leaders in ancient Rome and apparently all gusted wanted to be a pope these eyes as a god a west's wanted to be a god and he wanted to be laid down as it got he kind of believed that he was basically the Roman calendar I I'm explaining this so badly but basically Roman calendar was established that they've history was also fitting yourself they believe that the same people were reliving history if that makes any sense so they believed in this kind of divine or Danis was the kind of power monarchy was established in England just saying but Virgil really wasn't proud of this poem he tried to burn it and on his deathbed that was his wit I didn't get banned cuz all guesses came on Bastion his path if you want to read a really good fiction story about that Hermann broch the death of Virgil fantastic book I have reviewed it in the past God knows how many years ago but it's all my favourite books so that's a book about that but Bertil near this one is translated by God I keep going off track I'm so sorry okay I'm not sure if you can see how a yellow with the stainless is for highlighter pens I've leaked in my bad this is translated by David West and he it's also something you'll pop up a lot when you're reading about plastics or classical essay see pops up a lot in those so I really love the news it was a fantastic read there's actually a prose version or philia I've got to mention that but it's bloody beautiful and I absolutely adore it this is the one I tell everyone who is ever curious about starting into philosophy and exploring the idea that philosophy to start with the Republic by Plato you can't you have to start here you can't stop it don't start reading can't don't start reading anyone until you've read Plato's Republic this is where philosophy began and trust me it's weird it's really interesting it's so weird they I think I'm watching the first time I really started questioning the most primitive stuff you know the questions that I've brought by the first philosophers was another collection of first philosophers I wonder if I'm going distracted but faithfully they challenged Socrates so much his Socrates has a lot of opinions none of us would agree with it is not correct it is not humanly correct and there's a it's funny how suddenly we Harold had the kind of quite evil ideas but he believed that they were truthful ideas they believed that they were good ideas due to their limited knowledge of biology and just human rights in general but fascinating read the Socratic dialectic is saying that it's so important to understand anyway know something if enjoy debate let me just enjoy conversation with people if you used to enjoy conversing Socratic dialogue teaches you a lot and so having a dialectic and also teaches you how to question things how to break things down how to dissect things so this is the penguin classics edition angel translated by desmond keaney in that addition or the republic i just showed you it doesn't feature the death of Socrates will the defence Socrates I should say Malthus attacks that you can get online I highly recommend that you read it and once you have read the defence of Socrates by Plato I then highly recommend that you read the defence Socrates by a xylophone because whilst they are an account of the same event they were very different because they both be twisted for their own political agenda maybe they'll evolve more twisting by cedam I believe that Plato would be more authentic to the original event but it's funny and so interesting to compare and contrast the two and how they differ and what emphasis they put all certain defenses that Socrates puts forward to the council when they obviously are about to execute him for making fake God's not believing in any gods the contradiction is a hypocrisy of this council with earthly ridiculous it's an abomination that he was killed but both events are very good and if you can't get a physical copy of you know the defence of Socrates by Plato definitely get up online and just compare it to this text this by cellphone were the conversations or sorry I should have said sorry whilst it is about the defence of Socrates this is actually the conversation so Socrates the features the defense Socrates and this was translated by huge Frederick and Robin water-filled this one really scared me when I was given it so history isn't like folding I'm not really into nonfiction books well back that I wasn't didn't ask you quite a gift non-fiction books nowadays you could done but back then I wasn't in nonfiction books and the idea of reading ancient history written in ancient history just repulsed me I was so prejudiced about the potential of me getting on with a book that was written by an ancient historian about ancient history I couldn't think yes it was wrong they are fantastic I haven't read any that I haven't enjoyed because the historians didn't give a bunch really they don't care for historical accuracy because it wasn't a thing back then there was writing for fun they were driving to tell the stories they're absurd they are very flippant with truth they kind of spin things to make their own agendas parent and one of his enjoyable ones that I read was Herodotus histories this is a very old copy as you can tell I got it from very secondhand and this one was translated by Aubrey Dale selling quotes that being said actually before I move on to the books I want to show you I understand he thought of a book that I don't have a copy off but I borrowed it from the library when I was a student and highly recommended it is the Satyricon by Petronius seriously read it it is brimming assists satirical Romanov the Roman novellas and the no Roman novels were just so wonderful and along with the again I will leave a translation and the copy that I recommend down below is listed but to go alongside Petronius is a place is the Golden Ass I have this beautiful fairy edition I got like three pound from a secondhand bookshop and I mean like look at the illustrations in there it's beautiful retelling of something is transformed to a golden ass and the stories that follows is it's a series of mythological stories that are all fast sex love you know although I kind of just cupidus like he isn't here as well so all the kind of like famous like jovial jokey stories I were in the golden ass and this copy was translated by Robert Graves the famous Robert Graves and I love all the Prophet graves like he's an amazing cast assist and I will probably do a video raving about Robert Graves and classes and stories because I love them and then the final book which is my personal favorite of all the age of classic texts that I read and I'm I'm itching to read it again to be quite honest because I missed so much it's been gone five years since I read it doesn't feel that long ago but it is it is off it's mental versus this has been translated by you know it's so minke that you actually lick your fingers or turn it it's as though the it lives you worn off the edges I can't flip the edges this has been translated by David Ray Pam and I love off it I love it I can't say anything more than just off it off it off it he was I mean he was XR for a reason because you know Gus was freaking hated him because he was always just a anyhow it is but the way he plays with allegory and metaphor and his twists the mythology defect his agenda his political criticism and rightly so of the Roman Empire it's just fantastic he's so so so clever how he plays with ancient myth and political agendas and it's just he just shreds or Gus as a part in this through Apollo and it's wonderful it's wonderful and in fact this kind of medical morphosis it's more of a compendium of any myths that you'll find in other texts so you probably are very curious bubbling Greek myths and you know where can I read about all the Greek myths in one place um Bulfinch is mythology is what I would recommend I came across another text recently I know it I know it why do I just have like a moment barrage of Cadmus and harmony highly recommend I've reviewed it recently I didn't why isn't I left my head right now I knew I knew I knew it I knew it both interest mythology and the marriage of Cadmus and harmony both thing down below little pictures here you know those are two texts I would highly recommend if you want to learn all of other Greek myths and they're kind of like a little body meant oh and because opportunity exists it's fragments and retellings in different stories or together the Greek myths change like the wind because they weren't really written in stone kind of but not more parchment which is a little less dangled oh this don't if it one no as we lost take a moment office management versus is on the ancient texts that you will get a chunk of mythology all screwed together it's fantastic it's amazing it's beautifully written beautiful translators I have to say as well my my copy is man key but I love it and again with all of these tags please read mostly editions that I've given you recommendations for have amazing appendices that would explain things to you if you are stuck don't feel ashamed or don't think it's unnecessary to read the appendix some people to skim over read those appendices for people so much and you get so much more reading by referring to an appendix and then just googling because we live with amazing amazing well don't we what we have Google at our fingertips and just look up anything we want to it's fantastic like could you imagine being a university like back in the fifties and you do all that work in the library ha no he's at the cinema no anyone can be a student if you want to sit on your own but in your living room and not pay thousands and thousands of pounds of debt there's research things it's just the most I learned at a university was how to study for myself because nobody spoon feeds you all I loved was actually how to be a researcher and you have to do your own work and I realized oh they taught me this at school I wouldn't need her gone to university there's been teaching used to speak she'd spoon feed me at school and now I'm like oh no this is why I should've done the whole time it's far more interesting in more it's more empowering to be autonomous when it comes to research so again my favorite text and I babbled off the far too long so as you can tell this is messy because I didn't planet I kind of it spontaneously and stripped the books off my bookshelf and I put more back together and make it all curse again but I hope you enjoyed this so if it was very confusing I can't really go to plot synopsis because again I wasn't sure you probably already know so I didn't want to patronize you with already telling you you can read the blobs you can read the verbs and all the lists I linked down below and if you have any more requests about a few classics or any other book related videos let me know down below I hope you're happy and healthy remember books a place they keep reading

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hello and welcome to another video which is going to get you the very top grades if you're aiming for grades 5 & 6 I'm going to show you what that looks like and then I'm going to take the same points that we look at in grade 5 & 6 and show you how to turn that into grade 7 to 9 and that will look like this you'll get a quotation for every single character and every single theme and I'll explain how that will get you a grade 5 & 6 and then I'll show you how to interpret that in a different way with another quotation that you can link it to to get grades 7 8 & 9 then I'll reveal the text underneath so you can take notes if you want to and fully understand how to get those top grades and the great thing about studying literature is getting these grades is actually just knowing stuff and you are going to know the right stuff after this video I'll also double-check with you so that you understand exactly what grade 6 skills look like how to put those together in an essay and then I'll teach you what you need to do for all of the AOS to jump up to grade 7 8 & 9 and you will uncover the mystery of why something's yellow and 1 some things are green and then finally I'm gonna do myself out of money I'm very upset about this but the exams are closed and here we go I'm going to show you how to read all my guides and in fact every other guide that's on Amazon for all your subjects for free for 0 bucks 0 pounds for absolute free that'll be at the end of the video jump to the end if you want to find out or wait as a magnificent cliffhanger okay let's start straight in with Burling as you know he represents capitalism Priestley is trying to explore what's wrong with capitalism by exploring what's wrong with Burling and you probably used to this word that I use in nearly all of my videos Burling is therefore a construct and that means the author Priestley constructs him in order to put forward this point of view now once you've talked in those terms you're automatically at grades 5 & 6 our quotation that a man has to mind his own business and look after himself and his own so this is the view that priestly writes the play to discredit he wants to prove Burling wrong another grade 5 & 6 point is that the inspector appears immediately after Burling has said that as though burling's words have summoned him with some kind of supernatural power it's like an incantation okay great give me great seven eight nine well the next quotation I want to take you to is one you might not have studied I'm talking I should change that from taking I'm talking as a hard-headed practical man of business now we can show this proves that Burling is unfeeling so he's hard-headed and that suggests that capitalism is unfeeling and selfish which we got from this quotation so that's how we link the two quotations together but there is a lot more going on Priestley is deliberately using the language of the Labour Party manifesto so you probably know there was an election in 1945 the same year that this play was put on and this phrase the hard-headed man of business is actually in the Labour Party manifesto and it's something that the manifesto complains about so that's a direct link to why Priestley has created Burling and given him those words it's a call to people during this 1945 election period to vote Labour and he does that by turning this campaigning speech into a drama that his audience can relate to and we relate to it through our emotions and are therefore more likely to be convinced but let's go even deeper this is an allusion to the language of Sistani Baldwin now Stanley Baldwin was a prime minister three times between 1912 and 1939 the very period that the play covers remember it's set in 1912 and it ends at the the end of the Second World War when it's produced so everyone in the country who was literate would have known about Sistani Baldwin's words about the hard-headed men of business and he accused them of profiting from the war so now we have a much more in-depth attack on capitalism and the other way that we can really attack the idea of capitalism is how Burlington finds business so you probably remember that he wants Sheila to marry Gerald even after Gerald has confessed to an affair and he calls the marriage a business opportunity he talks about how Crofts and burling's are going to get together now this is hypocritical because in this quotation he talks about looking after himself and his own and we think of his own as his family but Sheila isn't just his family she is his property his own and he directly links her to business in this patriarchal view of society so hopefully you've understood that and if you have I guarantee you can now get grade 7 8 9 if the question is about Burling or about capitalism now let's have a look at point number 10 in grade 6 so to get the grade 6 you need to link everything you've written to the writers ideas and perspectives now if we just have a brief sneaky peek at the marks cream grades 5 & 6 exist on this border between the 15 and 16 mark and so at grade 6 you have to write about ideas and perspectives but at grade 5 in the green here you don't need lots of ideas and perspectives you just need some relevant context yet so the relevant context was that he represents capitalism but if you've understood anything that I put there anything at all its grade 6 straight away and then above so hopefully you can see how this video going to work to get you the grades okay Gerald here comes the conventional grades five and six view Sheila says of him you were the wonderful fairy Prince you must have adored it Gerald this of course is when he has his affair with Eva although he knew her as Daisy and he also says she'd been happier than she'd ever been before now when the inspector leaves he doesn't accuse gerald of being especially sinful and evil instead Gerald is presented as kind even though he's deceitful he treats Eva and Daisy apparently on the surface quite well he's not as cruel as the other characters according to the inspector and Priestley does this he creates him as a construct to show that even good men like gerald are still cruel if they are capitalist so being capitalist forces them to exploit other people so just as gerald agrees that Burling was right to sack eva so he treats Eva as a commodity a little bit you know she's in love with him he's met she's made really happy by his attention actually she's a bit in love with him but he still ends the affair and so this is an element of Cruelty but it's one that we can perhaps forgive so that's the conventional view but let's get in to those key ideas that take us up a grade Gerald says Daisy knew it was coming to an end now this is really interesting because although he claims the end was brought about by needing to go away for business for a few weeks that's what aunt Sheila we know the real reason is that his friend was returning from Canada so I don't know if you remember this his friend gave him the keys to his flat and basically told Gerald to use it any way that he wanted which was code for putting the mistress and as soon as he gets the key what does he do he goes to the palace bar to find a mistress who does he find Eva as Daisy he takes her out for miel but doesn't feed her first he gets a drunk gets her drink first and then once he's got a drunk then he installs her in this flat now hope this search shows that it was all part of his plan and far from being a wonderful fairy Prince he's actually exploiting her let's look at how he exploits her so this would mean that Gerald would have to pay for a flat to put her in if he was going to use his own money but he doesn't he has the flat for free this would cost far more than the little he is paid her so this is how he described it she'd lived very economically on what I'd allowed her become outward allowed and how it shows how superior he feels so he's given her a very little amount of money I'd like to argue that that's less money over time then he'll have to have given her if he was paying her as a prostitute from the palace bar so he's treating her apparently in a much nicer way like a fairy Prince but actually he's paying or less and as soon as he thinks all my friends coming back from Canada I would have to pay for a flat he gets rid of her she's not even worth the rent of a flat to him and you know this would not be a lot of money to a man like Gerald who's running his father's business so what we see is total sexual exploitation it's the patriarchal society at work where men use women for their own benefit and they use their own power to control them and they control them so successfully that they're able to tell themselves that they've done good so he says Daisy had been happier than she'd ever been before even though in this relationship in the power relationship he's completely abused her and effectively had her for a very cheap amount of money so you may have gathered I feel that Gerald is actually a despicable human being not just because of what he's done but because he then deceives himself into portraying himself as a good and kind person the opposite of what he actually is now let's consider mrs. Birling the key quotation is where she talks about Eva as girls of that class so she is very dismissive of anyone who is socially inferior particularly of the working classes so eva is actually a woman at this stage but she's diminished by being called a girl and priestly has constructed mrs. Birling in this way to attack the idea of social hierarchy to attack the idea of class you'll remember that the inspector keeps saying we are all of one body and he wants there for us all to be treated equally and his attack on mrs. Birling isn't so much that she's a capitalist but that her capitalism leads to supporting this idea of a social hierarchy which allows one group to feel superior to another and therefore justified in thinking worse of another group this is relevant in 1945 because priestly wants to create a welfare state he wants a National Health Service he wants proper money available to people who were out of work and this is represented by mrs. burling's charity and by her decision not to give money to girls of that class they're very people who need it so there is a cruel irony there that the people who most need money go to it to ask for it from people higher up in the social hierarchy who think of them as less than themselves as inferior okay that was two interpretations so on bang-on grade six at the minute the examiner can't fail to give me less than a grade six if I fully explain those views hopefully you're ready now for grade seven and above our quotation the girl had begun by telling us a pack of lies so we can easily link these two there is that diminishing description of IVA as a girl again but it's also a logical doubt that she has given the lies that have preceded it so what's interesting here is that mrs. Birling isn't wrong IVA has told her a pack of lies she said she was called mrs. Birling she said she was married you know none of this was true so we can understand why mrs. Birling thinks that she's a liar because she is but this is the key thing that mrs. Birling misses and most people miss IVA would rather commit suicide than take the stolen money or marry Eric so this is a huge clue from Priestley that something much deeper is going on Priestley appears to be suggesting that Eric has had a far greater effect on our committing suicide so we've got a structure point here this is why Priestley gets mrs. Birling to confess first so that when we come to meet Eric we realize that his offense is much worse so if you get that question about who is most to blame for the death of IVA I'm going to argue that Eric is the most to blame and this will be part of your proof she'd rather commit suicide and take his money or marry him and he does offer to marry her I'm not going to prove that here it's in my other videos all my revision guide so it's not so much that mrs. Birling and her charity denied IVA help as that they forced her to return to Eric and so she comes on and says if the girl's death is due to anybody then it's due to him of course there's this huge irony that she doesn't know the him in question is Eric but this is Priestley's device of showing the audience that Eric is actually the one most responsible now Eric of course will also represent his own class mrs. burling's class and therefore represents the social hierarchy so Priestley's gay to be arguing that Eric is also responsible because he's a member of the upper classes and as we'll see in a minute he has exploited Eva as a girl of that class in a much worse way than mrs. Birling has let's now consider Eric then his most important quotation is probably this I think it's a shame we try for the highest profits why shouldn't they try for the highest wages so this is an attack on capitalism so as a construct he's anti-capitalist he also represents the younger generation along with his sister Sheila and he also represents the voice of hope for change if the young believe this and there's an opportunity for them not to act like their parents and not to act like Gerald so seeing him as a voice of hope is the conventional grades five and six view having more than one view pushes you up to grade six you could even link it to the inspectors message we are all of one body by showing how he constructs this idea around equality they deserve high wages like we deserve high profits there's a balancing and equality with this word highest and that level of language analysis there pops you straight into the grade seven by the way okay our grade seven to nine quotation she told me she didn't want me to go in so this is his first encounter with E with Eva and this shows us that he forces his way into her room she has tried to refuse him so instead of treating her as an equal as he implied here actually his behavior is just the same as his mother's he treats her as an inferior who has to do what he wants he then explains that he was it in that state when a chap easily turns nasty so some language analysis here is going to take us straight to the top grades first he doesn't call it a state I was in ace instead he calls it verse state now sorry that state I was in that state in other words he expects everybody to know what that state is that a man gets into so here is a massive attack on the patriarchal society it's about men exploiting their power and Eric is saying but we all know about that state in other words he's normalizing it he's saying this is how men behave I am no different to other men that's a terrible self justification for what he's done which is forcing his way in and then forcing himself on to her so this suggests that nasty the description of the state has nasty his one common to all men not just Eric okay but the word nasty again suggests what has happened in there if I tell you what that is YouTube won't let me put any adverts on the video so you're just gonna have to use your imagination about what he's done then he distances himself from this nastiness by referring and Sue himself not as AI but as a chat and chap kind of makes him sound less vicious less violent less cruel than if he'd called himself a man even chap is a way for him to distance himself from his responsibilities now this is important because at the end of the play you're going to ask yourself whether Eric has truly learned the inspectors lesson and I'm going to argue from this that Eric deceives himself all the way through the play so here he's trying to explain what he's done but he deceives himself about how serious the incident was and our proof that it was so serious remember is that Eva would rather have committed suicide than go back to him that is a massive clue as to what happened when events turned nasty now another way that he of always responsibilities is when his father accuses him of stealing the fifty pounds and his answer is not me I intended to pay it back now that is an appalling abdication of his own responsibility isn't there he's saying I didn't really steal it well of course he did and there's another level of sophistication here which Priestley's audience would have understood and we don't because we have forgotten that there are 20 shillings in a pound but when you remember that there are 20 shillings in a pound as everybody at the time would have done 50 pound is there for over 40 weeks of the wages that either would have earned at burling's well there is no way that Eva would suddenly go to mrs. burling's charity to ask for more money if Eric had actually been giving all this money to her so there's the other level of self-deception he's obviously spending a load of this on his own drinking so he stolen this money but not even given all of that to Eva now this will help us go back to the younger generation idea and argue that in fact Eric will not really change yes he'll learn the inspectors lesson but he will not act on it because it is against his nature his nature is to deceive himself and to deceive others now let's consider that other member of the younger generations Sheela her most important quotation is probably this one at the end of the play no because I remember what he said how he looked and what he made me feel fire and blood and anguish so we're going to make the point that she learns the inspectors lesson so she is the voice of the younger generation and the hope for change we can also argue that she is a proxy for the inspector proxy means she takes the place all because remember the inspector leaves before the ending of the play he leaves during act 3 to allow the characters to either take responsibility or not and we can clearly see that Shakespeare as Sheila does take responsibility as the quote proves and she keeps banging on although that's not very formal she keeps emphasizing Priestley's message which is the inspectors message so we've gone full grade six here and she represents the inspectors message which is Priestley's message and she also represents the idea of hope from the younger generation right here come the grade seven eight nine ideas and they have to do with the younger generation and whether the inspectors lesson has been truly learned so I've just argued that she does learn that lesson but the ending of the play makes us question that Gerald says everything's all right now Sheila he holds up the ring what about this ring Sheila doesn't just refuse him she says no not yet it's too soon I must think now priestly does this to force us to ask well what do we think she's going to do surely if she's learnt the inspectors lesson she can't go back to Gerald because he stands for everything but the inspector rejects he's still confirmed as a capitalist he still doesn't really think he's done much wrong with his affair and he certainly believes that Sheila should still marry him and just forgive him so there's no real Gilbert if she accepts the patriarchal society she will marry him and that means she won't ultimately carry on with the inspectors lesson she'll give in well what evidence have we got that she might well let's look at what she says when she finds out about the affair now at least you've been honest and I believe what you told us about the way you helped her at first just out of pity now what I showed you about Gerald is there's no way he helped her just out of pity this was totally premeditated he took her to his friend's flat as soon as he had the first opportunity and then got rid of her as soon as his friend was coming back so I'd strongly suggest here that she's lying to herself and society has encouraged her to lie to herself because women in this society in patriarchy always have to lie to themselves about their men they have to pretend that they've got some sort of equal relationship where the reality is quite different and you can easily see that in my other videos analyzing mrs. Berlin for example right as an audience we find it very difficult to agree with their assessment of journals motives and that final contained sentence also suggests that she herself does not believe it is his real motive so just out of pity is curtailed it doesn't have a verb in it and that kind of suggests that she doesn't really believe what she's saying on a subconscious level or an unconscious level she doesn't believe in her own words and then she says and it was my fault really that she was so desperate when you first met her well that's true it was her fault when Gerald met her because Sheila had got us act from Mill Ward's but she's blaming herself more than she blames Gerald and that I'd argue is symbolic of how women behave in a patriarchal society they are taught from birth to blame themselves more than men so all these three quotations taken together really do suggest to me that she will accept Gerald's offer of marriage now a further thing that suggests that she does is the second death of Eva Smith and I'll explain later how that works symbolically to suggest that Sheila does in fact marry Gerald and therefore the future does not change it remains capitalist and a younger generation like Sheila and Eric do not create a socialist future well amazingly I'm going to deal with the inspector with just one quotation you'd need more than that in an essay but you can easily get to grades 8 & 9 just with this one quotation with a really in-depth analysis of it I do have a separate video on that which can find on my channel but let's dive in these eyes final words we don't live alone we're members of one body we are responsible for each other and I tell you that the time will soon come when if men will not learn that lesson then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish so we can easily take the view that this is an attack on capitalism and we're automatically in grade 5 territory now I'm going to give you some other interpretations which take you beyond that so the first is the Christian interpretation this phrase we are members of one body comes directly from the Bible and it also comes directly from the church service when Christian congregations take communion now 80% of Priestley's audience are Christian at the time and so he deliberately uses language which they are used to in order to make an absolute connection what he's saying is that socialism is the same as Christianity therefore if you are a Christian human being I know 80% of you are then it is your duty to think like a socialist because we share the same outlook on life it is in fact the same view of how people should treat each other this of course is another attack on capitalism it says that capitalism is anti-christian if you're a capitalist you're not behaving in a Christian way so there's a really powerful argument for why he uses that language a great bit of language analysis for you and a bit of context now the other context which students often forget is that this play isn't just about capitalism and socialism it's also an attack on war that's why we have this phrase of fire and blood and anguish what he's suggesting here is that capitalism leads directly to war now I'll explain that a bit later in my capitalism section but for now you need to know the inspector saying war is a natural consequence of capitalism if you believe in capitalism and therefore exploiting people for financial profit well war is another way that you can exploit people for financial profit so this is an anti-war play and that's why these are the very last words that the inspector speaks they are about the wall so if you start writing about this we're automatically in grade seven eight-nine territory the other thing is this is also an attack on the patriarchal society you might not have noticed but this word is not man man means all men and all women no it is men and what he's saying here is it's no good meat persuading women like Sheila because they don't have any power in 1912 you'll know about the suffragettes campaigning for the vote and women didn't get the vote until much later into 1928 so Priestley's arguing really strongly here that war is the fault of men and also that capitalism is the fault of men it's men who hold all this financial power and all this political power and that's what's wrong with society he's saying it's that men and women do not have equal influence and power men are the problem the problem is the patriarchal society my play proves that we should get rid of it okay you've got three separate perspectives here that's easily gradate easily right this section on capitalism you're gonna really hope this comes up in the exam because this is a whole essay that I'm giving you here so first we'll start off with his reference to the Titanic being absolutely unsinkable now this is a metaphor for capitalism so he believes that capitalism is unsinkable but Priestley is trying to suggest that it is sinkable we can get rid of it and move to socialism a more sophisticated point is to take that image of the Titanic and actually say preach priestly wants it to be a metaphor for the class system so it's not so much business that he wants to get rid of he actually wants to get rid of the way people think about each other so that we are members of one body is much more important as a message because it shows that the class system is wrong because it sees different parts of the body is more important he wants to get rid of that class system to create an equal society and that links directly to the patriarchy that we've been talking about all the way through the video he also that priestly also uses Burling to discredit capitalism so Burling says there's a lot of wild talk about possible labor trouble in the near future this of course is dramatic irony because the audience know that there is a lot of industrial trouble in 1912 there were a huge number of strikes and that's of course the year that the play is set so he looks ridiculous there and then in 1926 there's this huge general strike that crippled the country a huge number of industries just stopped because millions of people went on strike and this of course is deeply ingrained in the memory of the audience and so they know that Burling is completely wrong and therefore what he stands for capitalism is also completely wrong and then finally he says we're in for a time of steadily increased prosperity and the audience know this is completely wrong because of the great oppression which you know started in 1929 however it isn't just dramatic irony because Burling isn't say that saying that the whole country is going to get this prosperity know that we here refers to what he said earlier which is we employers and actually the employers did have so the increased prosperity because people still needed to buy basics like clothing which of course is what burling's business sells so the same men who did very well out of the depression were the ones who were called hard-headed men of business by so Stanley Baldwin you remember from the beginning of the video so here Burling is actually right the we which is the businessman really do make loads of money and as you will see later in the video they also made loads of money because they go to war and war is going to be an extension of capitalism it's going to be capitalism by another means let's see how that will work so he says we've got everything to lose and nothing to gain by war well this again points to burling's stupidity because what he's saying here is actually false there is enormous amount to be gained by war and Priestley shows that to his audience really cunningly with it we can find it with this bit of language analysis by looking at the word lose and gain well the language of profit and loss is the language of business the language of capitalism so using this language of profit and loss shows that Burling does not fully understand capitalism there was a huge profit in war as the Stanley Baldwin illusion too hard method headed men of business proves now if you think there are ten million soldiers fighting they would need more than one uniform each probably imagine the great boon to burling's business that's going to create 10 million uniforms all being made by companies like Berlin and Crofts and then when you add in the businesses making guns and tanks and you know rifles the lot you can soon see that loads of rich industrial men made an absolute fortune out of war another way of looking at it is that in to maintain their profits they actually needed a wall and that's what Priestley is suggesting here he's suggesting that capitalism works best when countries fight because many more things need to be manufactured and then they get destroyed and therefore more things need to be manufactured so war is the ideal market for a capitalist economy now of course it can't remain as as war because eventually you don't get enough people to buy the products you're creating so in a capitalist society you need periodic Wars not permanent wars and that's exactly what Priestley is all about here we've got a big war in 1912 great and then another one in 1939 satisfying the needs of capitalist businessman and there's another brilliant level of irony where Burling talks about aeroplanes that would be able to go anywhere and look at the way the automobiles making headway bigger and faster all the time and then ships so all these things that are real industrial advances which are created by capitalism you know businesses make these things efficiently and well because that's how they're going to make money but also think about these things these are the things that made war possible and that made world war possible it meant that war could be exported by aeroplanes by car by bigger and faster ships now that's exactly how we get a world war instead of a local war so capitalism actually makes war bigger and worse so Priestley presents Burling as an idiot because he doesn't realize this but he wants his audience to realize that capitalism needs war and therefore if as an audience you don't want war you need to stop believing in capitalism and start pursuing socialism and that's a really powerful message at the end of the second world war in which millions of people have died and that's of course exactly when this play is performed we can also see a different attack on capitalism when Burling points out we were paying the usual rates and if they didn't like those rates they could go and work somewhere else so he's talking about the strikers like Eva who wanted more money so this shows how Burling justifies the sacking and it shows how capitalism is wrong well that's our grade six point let's jump into grade seven and above what's going on here is actually a cartel now what does a cartel mean it means when businesses get together to rig the market to turn it into their favor so if they had to pay different wages according to what workers were worth then someone like Sheila could get more money going to another job but because the biggest employers in Bromley are in fact burling's and Crofts what they've done is got together and said right we're gonna pay our workers the same rate and therefore they won't have an incentive to move from one company to the other and therefore the companies won't have to pay more money to attract the best workers they'll be able to keep the best workers and pay them low rates so win-win for the businesses but lose-lose for the workers because the workers can never earn more by being better at their job and they can't move to a better job because the other employers won't pay them any more money so this means all the factory owners are paying Eva and the thousands of other women who work in their factories a wage that is only just enough to get by with barely any savings and we know that's true because Burling and gerald talk about it when they laugh about how the strike couldn't possibly last more than a couple of weeks because they both know that on the money they get they couldn't possibly have savings that would last them more than a couple of weeks now that's appalling and that is a cartel that is actually illegal and Priestley is pointing out that businessman get away with illegal activities once you have a capitalist system Eric retorts with it isn't if you can't go and work somewhere else so he knows a cartel is operating and this is Priestley's point once you start giving this power to men they will start abusing it and I think this is also why he chooses to set the play in an industry that employs women he's trying to point out that it isn't just the working class and gets exploited that exploitation is far far worse if you're a woman and that's because the people with power are overwhelmingly male because this is a patriarchal society okay before we deal with these four grades seven eight and nine points let's look at the grade 789 criterion so in your essay you have to write a well-structured argument and that means you've got to start with the points of view that you have as a thesis so you need to write about your points of view and I've shown you that in each and every analysis you need at least two interpretations which again I've shown you in each analysis you need really good evidence which was the quotations that I showed you now you also have to include the ending of the text which I'm going to go on to next that's our final thing and the reason I'm saving it to last is if you don't really write about the ending of the text you can't really write about the full task and you can't get full marks okay so that's really important don't forget you must write about the ending write for a oh – you've got to really focus on individual words and phrases and I've tried to signpost that for you by going on about these bits of language analysis that I've done as usual you need more than one interpretation and I've shown you that all the way through you also need to write about the form so why it's written as a play and I will go into that in the next part of the video you need to write about the structure and I'll go into that in a lot more depth in the next bit of the video and you need to write the use the right terminology well I've been giving you that as we've gone through for example the word proxy for ao3 context again you'll see you need more than one interpretation and so your thesis is going to argue why one interpretation is better than the other context means anything about the author's life or Society about the time or literature at the time and that of course includes the Bible so we've already covered lots of that and then finally in your conclusion you've got to say why one interpretation is more convincing than another and I've tried to do that in the way I've structured the grades five and six interpretations here and then what I hope is the more convincing seven eight and nine on the other now I just want to take you through the greens so my greens are for when things occur more than once and what you'll see is interpretation and thesis interpretation and thesis get you the marks in ao3 interpretation gets you the marks in a o2 and interpretation and thesis gets you the mark in a oh one so guess what if you've got more than one interpretation and a really good thesis you're pretty much inevitably going to end up with a grade seven unless of course you don't prove anything in your thesis but you will because you've watched this video in fact we're 43 minutes in if you're still watching this video you're definitely getting the grade because people who don't understand what I'm talking about will already have given up you're here because you do okay on the flip side of capitalism we have the idea of socialism and this is really relevant to the 1945 general election you've heard me mention that quite a few times and it's going to be relevant to any essay title that you get but socialism remember is also a way to stop war happening in Priestley's mind the socialist society will not use the financial reasons to go to war there will be much more turn off about the consequences to people about how we will be destroying our one body because the death of one person affects us all but after all is the theme of the play the death of Eva affects everybody and that's what he's trying to show us as a reason not to go to war as a society you may well have looked at the characters as deadly sins I've got other videos that go through that there I'm not going to go through it now but this characterizes the play as a morality play which means that priestly is teaching a lesson so there's another purpose to the play it's to teach a moral lesson hence the morality play but it's also to eat to teach a political lesson about socialism and about being anti-war it's obviously also linked to Christianity and we're going to argue that he uses these Christian symbols because he's linking Christian belief to socialist belief and saying that if you are a Christian you must also be a socialist because the ideas match so exactly right now let's get into the structure now you won't need all of these points but any of these points will take you into grade seven in the bulb so burling's words summon the inspector yep so when he's telling Eric and Gerald this this is when the inspector suddenly appears as though by supernatural contact as though he's been listening from another dimension and appears in order to prove this belief wrong so this links to the idea of the inspector being a ghost which you've got from ghoul and that links us directly to the novel A Christmas Carol where Dickens uses a series of ghosts in order to teach the main character Scrooge more lessons about looking after other people well it's the same moral lesson that Priestley is teaching and he knows that his readers will be familiar with a Christmas cow probably 99% of his readers would have read the book and the people gain the theater would have read the book so consequently he's using a literary allusion that he knows all his readers will understand and that helps the moral purpose of his play to become clear why does he decide the inspector disappears I mean he can keep the inspector on till the end couldn't he but he chooses not to well this again is about free will so he allows the inspector to disappear to give the characters the free will to decide whether they should take responsibility for Eva's death or whether they shouldn't and what I'm going to argue is as soon as they don't take responsibility the new phonecall happens and we'll deal with that in more detail down here why does Priestley introduce the idea of the inspector showing separate photographs well it's to give Gerald this false idea that they could in fact have been different girls it allows Gerald not to take responsibility and then convince the others not to take responsibility however if you look at all the descriptions of Eva and not just what she looks like but when she was employed and where she came from in the country and her parents were dead and all this stuff everything that every character hears matches with what every character already knows about her in other words they are obviously the same person I've got videos proving that so he does that in order to give Gerald a way out a way to deceive himself but also to let the audience know this is self-deception we know that this must have been the same girl because of all the descriptions next we need to consider why Eric's revelation comes last well as I alluded to earlier I think Priestley does that simply to show that Eric's exploitation of Eva is far worse than anyone elses and also the logical conscious of a patriarchal society so priestly is arguing that once you dehumanize people by cheat treating them as inferior to you and once you make them commodities things that you can earn money from then the logical consequence of that is what Eric does to Eva and the logical consequence of that is despair and eventual suicide okay now we get to that second phone call well just like the inspector is summoned by Bolling's words I'm going to argue that Gerald is sorry that the second phone call is summoned by Gerald and Sheila's words the second phone call is sign posted by a ring and the word ring is in the stage direction let's go back to Gerald and Sheila's words everything all right now Sheila holds up the ring what about this ring no not yet it's too soon so what's happening here is the second phone call happens when Sheila decides she's going to take the ring that's my reading of this section you don't have to agree with it but I think it's a really neat one because it explains why the second phone call happens so the second phone call happens because Sheila doesn't fully learn the lesson of the inspector because she eventually I think chooses to marry Gerald and therefore that second death occurs now the second death happens because it's a symbol of the two world wars so the first world war is symbolized by the first death of Eva and in the second world war happens because society didn't learn the lessons of the first world war and that's mirrored by the burling's not learning the lessons of their first treatment of Eva a fuller analysis of that is in my inspector calls video which I will have linked up here you will have seen the eyes appear and then finally why is it set in 1912 instead of 1930 because all the points would have been just as valid if it was set just before the war and the inspectors last words about learning in fire and blood and anguish blah blah blah that would all have been relevant if the play had been set in 1937 well it's because this predates the First World War and he wants to write about both wars so setting it in 1912 he's a massive clue to the audience that he wants us to think about the First World War as well as the Second World War and so then we can clearly see the two deaths of Eva as representing those two wars in other words this says to the audience are not just talking about capitalism this play is also an anti-war play and if you want to get rid of war you have to stop thinking in a capitalist way and start thinking in a socialist way and finally this links us to the form the form of the play is pretty much a morality play and it is didactic didactic means it's there to teach a lesson so priestly wants to teach through this play and therefore he chooses these elements of the morality play like the seven deadly sins and the elements of this moral novel like a Christmas carol with the ghost in order to signpost to his audience that this isn't just an entertainment it is a play with a message a political message a teaching message okay so we've done one two three four and five and now six how can you get all of my guides every single one of them for free on Amazon how does that work well it works like this you get a 30-day free trial so 30 days from now all your exams will be over and that means without paying a penny you can get every single guide that's on Amazon as an e-book for free because you can cancel your membership after your 30-day free trial so yes you can get all of my revision guides but look I type a revision guy into Amazon and you can get all of these revision guys and this this must just go on forever so every single subject that you study so there are 400 pages available here you can get every single one of these from their money at all well of course that would also mean that I get absolutely no money although Amazon will give me some if you use a link in my description so if that service looks brilliant to you and why wouldn't it please go in through the link in my description and then Amazon will give me more than 35 pence that I normally get if you buy a guide so I pretty much hope this has been the most useful video I've ever made on and in spectacles and if you've got this far you're definitely gonna get grade 7 and above I'm really excited for you thanks for sticking with me don't forget to subscribe if you want more and good luck in those exams

What if Paper 1 Was Rubbish?

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What to do if Paper 1 went badly. And how to make Paper 2 go well! It really isn’t as bad as you think.
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hello and welcome to another video trying to get you the very top grades so I'm posing you this question how do you want to remember these weeks in August so when you come round to get your results in August how do you want to look back at this time I'm asking that because it's really easy to be deflated by a difficult exam so I've seen many comments about yesterday's biology exam and quite a few people disappointed with today's English exam and I'm going to try and bring you the good news and it really is good news about how you can still get the grade that you want so this might surprise you your grade is graded against everyone else not by the question so if you did particularly badly in a question because the question was difficult that won't matter to your grade because the chances are everyone else will have had similar problems so it's a bit like this analogy here is a man being chased by a bear now this in my picture here is someone who thinks they've done badly in the exam however he hasn't the bear is not going to kill him because he's already moving it's the photographer who's standing still trying to get the picture and he only has to be faster than the photographer the Bears going to kill him and that's the old joke isn't it to two people running away from a bear or a lion or whatever you don't have to be able to run fast you only have to be able to run faster than the person next to you and that's exactly what's going on in this exam you just have to work harder or smarter than the person next to you now a person who does feel that they didn't do their best in today's exam is very likely to beat themselves up about that and therefore not do as well next Thursday because they already think they've done badly and this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy however if you put today a song and just think no I'm gonna get on with it and do my best you surely will and that's why I started with this question when you look back in August do you want to look back at yourself and think oh I didn't do as well as I wanted but I still kept going I concentrated on my other exams I treated each exam as though it was my first one so I could do my best or do you want to remember yourself as getting worn down by the exams and beating yourself after that way you didn't get the right answers well I imagine it's the former you don't want to be the person who beats themselves up and this is why you shouldn't beat yourself up nobody comes out of an exam thinking that they've done their absolute best it's impossible under exam pressure to do brilliantly all the time so you're always going to make mistakes and you're always going to look back and think oh if only I thought that why didn't I do this and that's natural that happens to everyone need to put those doubts aside and focus on the stuff that you've done well so have you worked hard in the exam and coming up to the exam if you have that will pay off in the exam in fact because you've worked hard you've probably started to think of lots of great things you could have put in the exam and didn't because you know so much did you keep writing my guess is if you're beating yourself up you probably did keep writing and that is the major difference between students who succeed and don't people who don't succeed finish the exam early and just don't keep writing they stop believing and they lack a sense of urgency and the chances are if you're beating yourself up it's because you do have a sense of urgency because you want to do well and hold on to that positive because it does make you different to students who don't do well you're probably saying that you revised quotations but you couldn't fit them all in what doesn't matter none of us can fit them all in but you did revise quotations you had some to use in your answer it's very likely if you watching my videos that you focused on the author's ideas and if you didn't you know to do that next time it's going to boost your grade I hope that these two are happening when you watch my videos and if you haven't done these then I suggest you do by the next exam on Thursday give yourself a break today but when you come back to revise make some notes from the videos and probably the best way to do it is after the end of the video because it's much quicker and then you can see what you don't know whereas if you make notes during the video you can kind of pretend that you understood it all but you don't really know however you might get to the end and miss loads out which is fine that again is completely normal and then I recommend you watch the good ones again at about 1.75 speed so they go much more quickly and it has the added advantage of you revise the same content twice and remember it much more another top tip is to do that second viewing the next day and that will help it stick in your brain more and of course there are lots of good youtubers out there they don't have to be my videos they could be any ones that you value now we all find it difficult to bounce back from what we think of as a setback and so far I've been trying to tell you that you don't have to worry about that setback you've got another go at the next paper and also if you are worried the chances are is because you've already revised quite a bit and planned other sorts of responses you'd like to give and the ones that you gave just don't measure up to the hard work that you've already done but the fact is you're still probably further ahead than other people who took the exam and that's going to give you a higher grade however I think and this is a personal thing as a teacher I think this confidence gap between girls and boys does also exist in school and you're more likely or in general this is okay you're more likely in general as a girl to think that you've done worse than you have girls are much more self-critical specially as teenagers than boys and this is a news article that says this holds true even for women in highly paid professions and now if that does describe you I want you to think about August and when you look back on these exams and think you know maybe mister Sally's was right maybe I shouldn't beat myself up so much maybe I did okay all right not as well as I hoped to but I worked really hard and so something good would have stuck in that exam and I didn't let it get me down for my next exams not just in English but my other exams are I'm taking and one of the reasons I mention that is that 58% of my viewers in the last month our female and 42% are male and so typically what I see is girls often revise harder but then beat themselves up more when they don't get the grades they want but remember you haven't got that grade yet it's not written in stone and you've still got another exam which incidentally for AQA is worth a few more marks so the next exam has a real opportunity to turn around how you did in this one you can do even better and to help you over the next week I will be making quite a few videos I shall make some on the power and conflict and how to compare those poems I'll make some on a few of the relationships poems that I haven't really made many videos on so far I'll give you some more on an inspector calls the kinds of quotations that you need something that will help you for the exam and I'm going to try to give you some predictions now remember my predictions are just guesses and I'm gonna do those later because what I'll say to you is you've got to revise everything but I'm going to give you a prediction just in the last few days before the exam just so you can focus on a particular thing if you're if you're not sure where to put your best efforts I did that with Jekyll and Hyde in a Christmas carol and Macbeth for this round of exams I got the it's question for Jekyll and Hyde and A Christmas Carol but I didn't get Macbeth now bear in mind that the examiners could ask probably six to ten questions for any text so to get to right and 1/2 right I spotted I was I spotted Macbeth or not and thought that it would be with Lady Macbeth as well but there you go that's a pretty decent track record I'm a bit nervous of making more predictions because I'd like to quit on a high but I will actually give you my strong suspicions about an inspector calls I don't have much of an idea about relationships I do have a sneaky feeling about power and conflicts but of course that could be completely enough to leave wrong anyway I'll have a good old think about how to help you with those videos good luck with your revision don't beat yourself up if you've tried hard that's all you can ask yourself look back in August with a sense of pride that you did your best no one will ever ask you to do any more and this is the thing you will never ask yourself to do any more than your best if you think about it so see you soon on the channel good luck with the exams


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You guys, I’ve written my dissertation! I couldn’t be happier that I’ve managed to complete this, it’s been a year in the making. My Diss was on Instagram and how it was a reflection of identity construction in F Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’…weird huh? Anyway, here’s a little vid explaining my argument and giving you all the tips on how to write an English Literature dissertation/diss in general. Enjoy!

Skip to 7:15 for general tips on how to write a diss!

Filmed on: Canon G7x
Edited on: Final Cut Pro x
♡INSTAGRAM: @petiteelise

♡EMAIL ME: [email protected]

whoa this is kind of crazy but I've written a dissertation look look at all of this I can't believe I wrote this so this was 12,000 funny story actually about the handin actually put up an Instagram picture of it it reached 40,000 people or something it got like a decent amount of likes and stuff biggest reached Instagram picture at wait let me just show you and then it was green shot somewhere and I was super proud of it I handed it in it was all amazing and then I got some lovely sweet messages from people on Facebook and it's for being like at least I think you've wrote that wrong because on the front I wrote word count excluding abstract contents bibliography footnotes even though it was including footnotes not excluding footnotes so basically I had to reprint the whole thing and hand it all in again I wanted to share my whole dissertation experience and how I broke my desk and give you tips and advice on things that I learned along the way of writing a whole dissertation my dissertation was in English literature I think this is basically been I don't know I say about nine months in the making one tip I would definitely have is as soon as you get your title begin begin your research and the research section actually took the most time so if you can just slowly do a little bit of research every day or every few days do it and you will find yourself in the future let's see I'm going to talk about my dissertation and then I will talk about how a dissertation work give any tips along the way of things that I have learnt because I probably have quite a few things that I would advise that you do so mine was on the Great Gatsby and the title was idolizing the Great Gatsby self presentation and identity construction in the age of Instagram so I really wanted to link the Great Gatsby to Instagram some of the main things I I will talk you through the kind of the points I made through might throughout my dissertation basically constructing an identity on Instagram is super easy pretty much everyone does it it's not necessarily you're constructing an identity but you're constructing one segment of your identity online because you can only share a certain amount of your life you can only share some snapshots from your day with a little bit of writing and that is just one construction of yourself in your everyday life you're constructing my identity too you know not necessarily consciously constructing it you're subconsciously creating your own identity every single day on Instagram obviously it's a lot more easier to edit and media I argued that basically that was very very similar to Gatsby first of all because it was that when the technological world was just starting up when consumerism was massive so there's this writer called Veblen Veblen who wrote about conspicuous consumption and basically talking about consumerism he also spoke about a term called pecuniary pecuniary omen pecuniary emulation honestly I didn't I've never had to say that I've just had to write to pecuniary emulation which is basically when we emulate the upper classes so in modern-day terms that would be us like not necessarily the upper classes but people have more money people who are exposed to us or advertised to us we would be emulating the Kardashians or something for example a lot of that was happening and Gatsby with people going to dance these parties his party goers were like his followers on Instagram as well going back to the whole technological thing there were phones and lots of phone calls the whole field of the film is very cinematic with kind of panning shots and zooming in and out from Nick's perspective of the city they also argued that the landscape of New York was very similar to the landscape of Instagram so Nick talks about the fast-paced nature of New York and that's very very similar to the fast-paced nature of social media in the way that people are constantly posting the word Instagram has the word insta like instant in it as well and basically giving you my whole dissertation in one like little goat but here we go he talks about like the mosaic of this and I talked about how that reflects the mosaic of Instagram and the grid like structure Nick is also a biased first person in a rater and it's from his perspective and that's also very similar to Instagram it's a biased perspective that you have constructed yourself in terms of characters I argued in Chapter two that characters construct their own perfection I said that identity is something to be consumed so on Instagram people will advertise products as part of an object that represents their identity and I used some really fun like interesting case studies and you'll probably know who the instagrams are that I use naturally Stephanie alexis ran kim kardashian j10 she jacksgap literally so many people which is just so funny because these are all people that like I've obviously like followed and seen their instagrams so in the novel we've also got metals consumerism we've got Daisy's artificiality Daisy's artificiality reflects the artificial reality at the Jazz Age and the Great Gatsby which is then reflected in the artificiality of Instagram as well and how we can edit pictures and use Photoshop in the final chapter I suggested how it can be destructive to be this way and there are there can be disastrous consequences for the deluded or the people who are constantly trying to chase perfection which can never be achieved so obviously at the great end of the great gatsby I don't really want to ruin it for you but basically perfection cannot be reached ever in the great gatsby is discontent with what they have and they constantly are chased aiming to chase perfection that is exemplified in some cases on Instagram and the mental health issues that come with Instagram also spoke about the idea of other instagramers who are trying to break down those barriers and I'm trying to use the hashtag Instagram versus reality the people who are speaking up about mental health issues who are posting pictures without filters who are trying to be a lot more real and raw online but then I also argued at the end of the day that's also one contrived image that someone has chosen to represent themselves it's not a full view of their identity online and it's inevitably still going to be one you know kind of curated feed still because they have chosen to share this one just one image of themselves and it's never going to show their full identity my final common I guess was through Instagram and social media and technology the whole issues around identity construction and chasing perfection has been exacerbated that's basically my dissertation kinda nice to actually be able to share everything with you because that's been like nine months writing all in one go but now I kind of want to put that down and tell you how writing and English literature dissertation work for us it was amazing because we got to choose our own titles I know in some other subjects you'll get given a list and you have to like number in order and then if they just give you one of the titles but for us we could completely choose one tip I would give you is to do something you are super super interested in and you know there's a lot to say on you know there's a lot of stuff to research on because that's gonna be sticking with you for the next year from the moment you make that decision so choose wisely and choose something you're really really going to enjoy and benefit from now we've got to choose our title before the summer and then we had the whole of summer to do research if we wanted to do it I actually don't think I really did that much research every summer I did a little bit just so I could come back to uni and you know have a little bit under my belt and kind of know somewhat the direction I wanted to go in if I could go back I would probably do a whole lot more research over the summer and I think with us sitting down and starting is the hardest bit but once you get over that first like initial okay I'm gonna do some research what do I do it on once you literally have sat down for a couple of hours you'll know exactly where you want to go and then different directions you need to take your research in do it in the summer literally listen to me now you'll probably chose a new dissertation if you're doing it this year start your research you want to have some sort of idea when you meet with your dissertation supervisor so that you the most out of those meetings go there with a lot of questions written down go there with some ideas for titles if you want to do interviews talk about that talk about the direction you want to take in ask all the questions you have and make sure you properly plan for those meetings because those are the times you're going to get all your information and you literally do need to make myself those supervisor meetings I would also say make sure you're organized with your research so I kept an Excel spreadsheet of all of my research like my bibliography as I went so as soon as you start researching get up an Excel spreadsheet and you've got to look in so many different places to get all your research so for me it was going to the library getting books out I would go down one Avenue of research and that would kind of lead me to another Avenue and then to another and it would kind of like branch out from there I looked at loads of online sources obviously it was on Instagram so I constantly made this joke to people oh yeah I'm doing on Instagram so I can literally just sit on my phone and be on Instagram and call it research I made that joke a lot probably people got annoyed it up every now and again like little bits of inspiration will come to you what I found really useful was actually to talk about it when my argument starts to get a little bit tricky I would get my voice notes out and record myself just talking through it and talking through an argument and then I could like listen to it back and try and make sense of it all because sometimes your brain runs faster then you can write things down and then it came to writing it and sorting out chapters so most people write about three chapters I think to be honest I had a completely different structure and then I actually went to the writing service at university and that's the first time I've ever been but they're supposed to kind of go for your work with you and kind of help you a little bit that was also really useful and she helped me kind of plan out my chapters and separate you know the different topics I started writing it halfway through second term I had about half a term and then Easter to actually fully write it I think so I didn't actually spend that long on writing the whole thing the research was definitely the biggest part but writing take a while though I would definitely recommend to whittle away at it slowly you can just get little bits down yeah and then just slowly write it I think you're always gonna still have to do research as you are writing as well when you realize you need something to back up a point that you've put and you haven't you know got that information you're still gonna have to do quite a bit of research that's what I found anyway literally just keep going with it and then you'll finish and do all the referencing make sure the referencing is right to decide on your title finalize all of that finalize your title page don't get your title page wrong like I did basically it just takes a whole lot of organizing on your part and I think that's kind of what's great about it because you you're working on it for so long and it's something that's you've done pretty much completely yourself such a sense of achievement when you can finally hand it in get your dissertation picture and post it on Instagram and it's just hilarious how I wrote my dissertation on Instagram and how it can be contrived and manufactured and then I post a picture of me holding up in front of some blossoms and it gets like it reaches 40,000 people and gets like 1.6 k likes it's just so ironic I also just want to leave you with the notes that I wrote this dissertation and saying that it was destructive and saying that people you know have these manufactured presentations of themselves online but I also want to say I love the social media I want to go into social media I think it's so beneficial if you use it in the right way and if you go into it knowing that you know not everything is as perfect as it seems no one is as happy as they seem all the time it is just one snapshot of someone's life then it's okay and I have had the most amazing benefits from social media and meeting people etc etc so yeah I just want to let you know so if you have any more questions about my dissertation do let me know in the comments down below and I can to you but yeah that's my disk I'm super happy it's done and I hope this was useful to some of you thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video [Applause] [Applause]

HOW I GOT A* IN ENGLISH LIT IN 2 MONTHS | Exam Techniques, Quotes, SparkNotes | GCSE ALEVEL 2019

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hello everyone and welcome back to my channel if you are new here my name is Amina and I'm absolutely another if you could press the subscribe button which is just down there and don't forget to press the pelvis and there's lots of satisfied when my purse which is by the way on a Monday and also a Thursday at approximately 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. in the evening GMT basically posted a video talking about how I got for a stars a lot of you were surprised to find out that I actually did English literature in my a levels and I absolutely loved it but something that I found quite simple I feel like the reason why I found it simple is because I master the techniques that I needed in order to advise and in order to remember the information for the exam and know how much information to remember that isn't on my top 10 tips for how the study for English literature for a level even for GCSE this is the exact same thing I did for both my a levels and my GCSEs and hopefully gives you some exposure to the things that I do number one make sure that you have read the whole text alone now the reason why this is so important is because when you read it in class you're reading a page or two pages or three pages at a time it's quite kind of chunky of quite bitty and then you come back to after a couple of days after a week and it kind of you don't really get that natural flow and this takes away from the overall message in the overall feel that a book gives you if you read it in kind of bite-sized chunks here and there so it's really important to make sure that you read it by yourself in whole and that is the first thing that you do before you even do anything else and I know this sounds like such an obvious thing to say but a lot of people do not leave their text they just kind of stick to the main sections or the main parts that you've been advised to look at but really it's so important and so fundamental that you actually read the text and understand the story then the second thing that you need to do is find a summary of that text now I highly recommend the sparknotes I leave their link down below and I use this one I was in GCSE also an a-level so it's been around for a little while now it's a great website allows you identify themes summaries literary techniques gives you kind of a nice revision guide in a way for different text a lot of text that we read for English literature Jesus in a level are quite inaccessible in their English they're quite old Shakespearean English it's quite hard for us to understand their English so go away and read a summary of your text to get an understanding and a feel of what it was that you've just read and then recommending you to actually write your own summary so far all they're doing is really feeling the text and really understanding it and really being able to know what it's talking about because without that it becomes very very difficult to write an essay about the theme of love or the theme of anger or the theme of aggression it's very difficult if you don't understand the context and where that's coming from and you know why this current sense feeling that way if you just read kind of chunks and bits of the text the third thing that you should do is list all the themes that that text has so for example I'm going to stick to Macbeth there's a popular one I think that's the one that I did for my a-levels I'm not mistaken so in Macbeth there are a number of different themes for example romance is a theme for shadowing is a theme power is a theme or even ambition so there are different themes that are predominant in different texts so again smartness is amazing because it really gives you that in depth themes that there are running through those texts and even I'm not sure those four poems but definitely four texts they give you those themes and those are what make up exam questions so the consumption might say and describe or talk about writes about the theme of ambition in Macbeth in the first scene or the second scene for example with foreshadowing but there are certain occurrences in the beginning of the play or maybe even the weather or the setting the environment which determine and kind of foreshadow what's going to occur in the future and maybe would be a good idea is to read over that text again or read different sections of that text in order to identify those themes so you might not have realized that foreshadowing is a theme in my bath until you went to smoke but now that you know you may read that text again and you might be able to identify different parts of that text that actually do exhibit foreshadowing and you hadn't realized it before because you didn't realize that was a thing so the fourth thing I did is to find quotes that strongly supports each theme now it doesn't matter if you again don't feel too confident in identifying these go to spark notes they're giving you all the detail and all the information that you need if you have identified a quote that you feel is very powerful in showing foreshadowing in Macbeth why not try to just read a bit around that quote understand where it just came from understand what was before and after it what you know why is it in that placement and the fact that you can only focus on two or three quotes per theme kind of narrows down and lots you have information that you're learning and it's impossible for you to memorize a whole place it just doesn't happen and if you don't go into the exam knowing that those main quotes then I think you've done yourself an injustice and the next thing that I did was to also find two or three quotes that really supported the characteristics of different characters so you should know and have a look have a list of the top five or the main kind of six seven characters I'm sticking to Macbeth again but you may be asked about the specific character and how that specific character contrast to another character or how that character displays a theme so you do need to be able to remember quotes for themes but also remember quotes for specific characters and how that correct – correct carries how that character carries themselves and how that character was kind of portrayed in in that play or in that novel when you sit there in the exam and you need to describe a theme you have those characters in your head you know what describes them you have the evidence and the quotes to be able to you know back up your statements and this will lead you to gaining those higher mark saying this character was powerful because he did this and that is not as strong as saying this how this character was powerful because he did this here's the quote here's my explanation so you know we appoint more evidence to explanation just giving a point by itself doesn't need you to get in those high grades as if you did the point and then he explained and any also backed up with it the next thing I did was to look at past paper questions now this is a tip that I'd give all the time pass through questions pass their questions parts of your questions and but in English it's even more important because you don't necessarily know what kind of questions you might be asked where as in maths it's quite obvious you do it you learn how to do you learn how to do Pythagoras and then you you get questions or Pythagoras words in English there are different themes that examiner's can ask you about so if you make a bank of questions for yourself based on past paper questions then you kind of have an idea of type of themes can be questions as opposed far back as you possibly can I would go back 10 even 15 years if you can find papers from 2010 and just write them down in like a Word document this is a question this is a question this is the next thing I did with that information is then to plan my answers for each question do not write an essay do not do it at this point at this point just plan your essays so planning is very very very important in English literature and examiner's can see that you planned all that you haven't planned and imagine this examiner doesn't know who you are they don't know that you're academically excellent they don't know what you've done don't know anything all they see when they open your paper is a plan and they're gonna think wow this person is really intelligent this person is really organized this person is planning their thoughts and writing down a structure so I expect that this essay is going to be structured right if an examiner whites who just see an essay just written with no plan it gives the examiner the impression that you haven't planned and you have a thought about your answer so try to get the examiner on your side from the beginning and show them a plan if I'm not mistaken some examples do give you marks for plans or do give you slight advantage just for having a plan don't quote me on that but I would highly recommend you doing a plan as an examiner myself when I see a plan I see working out and when I see people that have shown that they are thinking about something it makes me feel more confident in the fact that their answer is well false about and that the answer has depth if you never plan and you only write essays when you go to the exam even though you might think that you need to plan you won't necessarily you know how to or you won't necessarily know how what the best plan looks like and how to plan an English essay let me know by the way if you want to know how to plan an English essay vie isn't difficult at all but if you do want that video do let me know and I will make it then well I did when I felt like I was able to plan and I felt like I knew the the main quotes that made it so information the main themes I then starts to actually write the essays I'm under timed conditions so I tie myself give myself 90 minutes or 60 minutes or whatever however on your exam is I've timed myself give myself a question and some paper and just get on with it and write it I used to write one essay a week I would say from now maybe from like next month one essay a week that means that in March you'll write four essays in April you'll write four essays and then come May you've written almost ten essays which is I think really good for your revision alongside everything else that you're doing I think one thing that I find as an examiner again walking essays I find that students tend to write really well and then at the end it's just like were you know it's kind of like it's been rushed you can tell that it's been wrung it's so important and that you don't write to the last minute you have to go back and give yourself a good ten minutes I would say even more to be able to go back edit your essay rewrite bits you know cut out bits you might have thoughts about new quotes stick them in and check spelling grammar punctuation of course all this English tip and then for those are aiming for no level eight zero nine eight eight stars you do need to try to get as many arrows as you can so as many assessment objectives as you can the main one that gets you to that top top mark is being critical and showing critical analysis and critical thoughts no one actually explained this to me ever which is very frustrating seeing as every feedback marketing that I got always said be critical critical Cristina and I never actually knew what that meant all the way up until University I only truly understood it during my PhD which is about the straight what it means is basically giving your original thoughts trying to conflict two arguments together trying to you know share the limitations or try to give a different point of view original basically being original but what you can do is try to think about original thoughts before you actually gets into the exam so I know that it can be quite hard in the exam to think of something original you know on on the spot but I would say to give yourself a little heads up when you are planning those essays that I just mentioned in the previous point what you can do is think about putting a little section at the bottom of your plans saying my original thought will be this what can I say that's a unique here this something that you do have to think about a little bit in a little bit of depth and that's why I said it's very important for you to actually have read the text yourself in full because it's only that way that you can actually find that information and you know make those connections if you've just read the main bits my feeling is you won't be able to make this original connection there's my top tips I just think about it for a while I'll set it on for about half an hour and I was pondering over what was it that I did if he joins video don't forget to give me a huge thumbs up and don't forget to press the subscribe button if you haven't already you should have by now hello everyone joined recently it's been amazing to have so many more of you join this channel and I will see you guys in my next video bye

Reading Classic Books for Beginners

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Reading classic books can often seem daunting. Classic literature books within the English Literature canon come with a fair amount of cultural baggage and, because of this, many people are put off reading classics. Yet, since I’ve started trying to read more classics, I’ve been really enjoying the works of George Eliot, James Joyce, Charles Dickens and others.

In this video, Reading Classic Books for Beginners, I wanted to share some of the tips I’ve found helpful for how to start reading classics. In particular, I wanted to make a video for anyone who perhaps is less naturally drawn to this kind of work and is wondering how to read more classics.

I’m also really interested in making a new series, similar in style to What the Theory? in which I provide some introductions to literary classics. As I mention in the video, if that sounds interesting at all then do let me know down in the comments (and equally if it doesn’t!).

Of course, if you’ve yet to check out my What the Theory series, then you can check it out here:

If you’ve enjoyed this video and would like to see more including my What The Theory? series in which I provide some snappy introductions to key theories in the humanities as well as PhD vlogs in which I talk about some of the challenges of being a PhD student then do consider subscribing.

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hi my name's Tom and welcome back to my channel today I wanted to do something slightly different if that's okay with all of you partly I wanted to test the waters for a new series that I'm thinking about working on but also I needed a bit of a break having worked on a number of what the theory and politics videos recently which can be very time intensive so over the past couple of months I've been reading a lot and I suppose in some senses I'm always reading a lot I'm doing a PhD and reading a ridiculous amount of books and articles kind of comes with the territory however over the past couple of months I've been making a really conscious effort to read more fiction now this has certainly included some contemporary work Anna Burns is milkman being a particular highlight however I've also been trying to have a crack at some of the quote unquote classics in fact at the moment I'm just under halfway through James Joyce's Ulysses now to stress this is something which is quite new to me the Canon of classic literature has always been something I've been quite aware of but it's always seemed to be a little bit over there and I think it feels like that to a lot of people in my case my PhD has one foot firmly in cultural studies and thus I draw a lot of ideas from literary theory doing so has given me a passing acquaintance with the plot themes and supposed significance of a number of different texts however there's always been this kind of mental barrier which has always stopped me from you know actually going out and reading them all this to say I'm not a natural reader particularly of this kind of work but gradually that seems to be changing I suppose what's often put me off reading the classics is this notion that it would be an awful lot of work that I'd spend my entire time analyzing rather than simply reading for enjoyment and that at best it would be kind of type-2 fun the more I've read however the more I found this not to be the case when I first set out to read Middlemarch for example I did so with this notion that I might draw upon what it reveals about the political and social geography of early 19th century Britain with in my PhD increasingly however though I found myself just enjoying it enjoying eliot witty humor her rise style and her brilliant sarcasm in fact the notion that i was going to draw upon of my PhD gradually fell away but I carried on reading it simply because I wanted to spend more time with Eliot and with the brilliant eccentric characters she creates and throughout this short journey I've been so far I've come to really value a decent contemporary introduction to the book that I'm about to read a short less than chapter length primer on the historical context perhaps an introduction to the particular style of the author and maybe a suggestion as to why others deem this book to be so significant to really prepare me just for reading that book as I've done so however I found that not all introductions are quite the same some are so assured of the brilliance of the author that they end up just being downright patronizing to the potential reader others are so interested in the nuances of very particular words or phrases that they lose sight of the fact that when you first go to read a book you probably just want to take in the plot and absorb some of the themes rather than obsess over particular words I read one introduction to James Joyce's the portrait of an artist as a young man which made me question whether I actually wanted to read the book at all so if it seems like the kind of thing which might be well received I'm quite keen to put together a series which provides some fun and accessible introductions to some classic novels and texts in particular I'd be really interested in creating videos which provides the viewer with that kind of historical social and artistic context to allow them to really enjoy those books if that seems like something which might be of interest then do let me know down in the car equally if it doesn't then then tell me that is useful to know for the rest of today's video however I wanted to talk a little bit more generally about some of these strategies and approaches that I found really helpful in removing some of the baggage that comes with reading classic literature a few tips which I found have really helped me feel capable of approaching this work and allowed me to find real joy in doing so so because we tend to do things in lists of five on the internet here is a list of five tips for reading classic books number one some context is essential to much is fatal so as I've mentioned finding a good snappy engaging introduction to a book that you want to read can be a really great way of bridging the temporal gap which often exists between us and the author of a piece of classic literature as I've been reading Ulysses for example it's been really useful to have some awareness of how the cause for Irish independence from Britain was progressing at that time having that little bit of knowledge has allowed me to understand some actions or behaviors which might have seemed strange otherwise but also it will help me access to a lot of the jokes and humor and imagery within there that otherwise might be a bit lost on me getting a good grasp of some of this stuff ahead of time I found means that I very rarely have to put the book down and start googling some stuff but also it's made it much more rewarding because I've just got that a little bit of background contextual information it's been me that's made connections between a certain characters and certain motifs and certain historical events and that's really rewarding it makes me feel really smug when I spot something like that that being said too much of this kind of information can be stifling I mean you don't want to have to read three history books just to read one novel and for the most part you don't have to a good introduction should give you just enough information do you have a broad understanding of the world in which this author and these characters are existing so you can set aside those worries about the temporal gap and just enjoy the action that is taking place within that book number two in some books you won't understand everything and that's cool so the way that we approached literature when I was at school was that we'd usually have one or two key excerpts that we'd focus on over a series of months sometimes analyzing them within an inch of their life and I think the lasting impression that's given me as there to simply read romeo-juliet say you have to understand every single possible nuanced understanding of every single line that is uttered and this just isn't the case coming to terms with the fact that some books either due to age or stylistic approach will have perhaps entire passages that are almost entirely indecipherable to some of us me included is a really healthy thing to acknowledge I've currently got Beowulf on my shelf to read and I'm sure there are gonna be lots of bits in that which are going to seem quite distant from my experience and the stuff to understand however while it is amazing if you understand every single word of a book often if you can't quite work out where what an author's getting at within a certain paragraph is not necessarily fatal to your understanding the rest of the book my suggestion then would not necessarily be to skip over it but to sort of persevere through any tough passages and be assured that most probably at some point the author is going to turn a corner and you'll find yourself back on slightly more solid ground number three make sure to find a good addition now this is particularly important if like me you're embracing the trends of 2005 and mostly reading on an e-reader some people love having physical books they like the feel of the pages and having that physical object I'm quite indifferent and a bit of a cheapskate so I've mostly been finding the books that I've been reading on Project Gutenberg which I'll link down below the danger here is that the quality of ebooks on some sites can vary wildly apples bookstore for example has number of different editions of different books which are just quite badly formatted and seem to just be a copy and paste job where someone's then just uploaded it to the store in addition to this with many older books and also any books which have been translated into English whatever language you want to read in there's often numerous different editions and versions and I think it's really worth seeking out on which other people seem to have responded to well number four remember that the Canon is a construction this is a broader point which I'll probably make an entire episode of what the theory about at some point in the near future and that is that the Canon is a construction it's what Raymond Williams did refers to as a selective tradition in which certain authors and works are included and others excluded to various political and powerful ends so treat any list of classic literature with caution and try to remain aware of that also know that it is entirely valid to not think a piece of classic literature is good that doesn't mean you've not understood it you might genuinely have understood all of it and just not think it's that remarkable number five remember that these books were meant to be read both Joyce and Elliot are in their own ways absolutely hilarious they want to entertain us as much as they want to make us think or introduce us to deep philosophical ideas nevertheless the way that we often discuss the classics lends itself to giving them this kind of baggage and I think it's often easy to fall into that trap of viewing reading some of these books as almost an academic exercise rather than an enjoyable one sometimes I'll be reading Dickens say and stumble across a passage which I find genuinely really amusing and I'll be shocked by that and that really shouldn't be the case in fact when the novel first started to gain traction in society many serious intellectual types decried it as being overly emotional and sentimental try to embrace this fact and remember that these books were not written as artifacts but as living breathing human stories so I hope some of these tips have been useful to you if like me you're attempting to get a few more classic bits of literature under your belt mostly I hope it just helps to shake off some of the baggage that often comes with reading this kind of work as I've said above if that idea of making a series of introductions to some classic works of literature seems interesting or useful then please do let me know down below in the comments and if you've enjoyed this particular video then consider giving a thumbs up and subscribing if you haven't already thank you very much for watching once again and have a great week