AQA GCSE Maths Exam Questions – Ratio (harder – higher tier)

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AQA GCSE ratio exam question practice taken from past papers and practice papers. This video is suitable for Higher tier only.


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Day in the life of a university / college student AT THE WEEKEND. University of York. Weekend. im an undergraduate student who has only been at university for 3 weeks in this video!

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This is my 3rd weekend and therefore the 3rd time I’ve had to cook for my self in my life…. tHIS VIDEO CONTAINS out of state milk. Out of date bread and laundry. typical University students day at the weekend. uni struggles are real! #uNIsTRUGGLES. What is university really like. What happens at the weekend at University. wHAT IS UNIVERSITY?! cmonnn now. What happens at the weekend at university. PS I am a economics student! day in the life of a bsc economics and finance student coming soon. I keep missing my lectures! I missed 11 hours of lectures at university while I was ill. What happens if you miss a lecture at University? nothing… Thats why this weekend I had to catch up….

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This is a channel aimed at students. University, A-level and GCSE students.

I have just finished Year 13 and am looking to go to University of Cambridge or Oxford. Joking I won’t get in there… I’m looking to go to any University as a first-year student such as the University of York, Keele, Birmingham or anywhere that will accept me even if it’s via clearing!

When the A-level exams of 2017 and the GCSE exams of 2017 come around you will find every exam reaction on this channel. Edexcel Maths, AQA Economics and Edexcel Government and Politics are what I currently study. Subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss out on everything. I’m going to become a university vlogger, a daily university vlogger if I pass my exams and get into university. I reply to every comment and would like to go to Cambridge University.Oxford University. How do I get into Cambridge or Oxford University?

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