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Our international students describe their RU experiences.

Reykjavik University, 2017

Reykjavik University is very closely
connected to the industry of Iceland. This gives our students a unique opportunity in
a very close-knit, advanced, developed industrial society to have access to industry, specialists and
opportunities that very few universities can offer. I really like the place. Everybody is very nice
and is always willing to help you. I selected Iceland mainly because
of Iceland itself, because of the nature. But on the other hand the
school is also very good. It’s a very high
energy environment. We have geothermal and
we also have a lot of water because it rains a lot,
hence hydropower. And there is
also a lot of wind. It’s an opportunity for me to learn a number of
innovative renewable energy technologies and be able to utilize
them when I go back home. In corporate finance we are few people,
small classes and a lot of discussions. A lot of interaction between students and teachers.
So it has a personal feel to it. Here in the computer science department
there is a very advanced course Here in the computer science department
there is a very advanced course for game design and virtual environments.
So that’s the main reason that brought us here. Classes are a lot smaller here and
you have a lot more regular assignments like group work
and presentations. I feel that there is a much more direct
relationship between teacher and student. With much more dialog which
can really help improve your studying. We really sit down with our students
and we tailor the program to each student. Our primary purpose is to educate the
specialists and the leaders of the future. I’m working in the subfield of mathematics
called combinatorics and I work with quite simple
mathematical objects. We’re teaching the computer how to prove
things about these mathematical objects. This is very new. You have study spaces
you have lecture halls and you also have a very nice
library where I study a lot. I think it’s really advanced, a lot of
access to innovative and modern stuff that really makes learning
and studying easier. It’s been really nice. We have met
a lot of different people and we are always doing
something. We have full schedules. We live in the capital and
there is always something to do a lot of cultural events, dancing and places
to meet people and just hang out. At one point it was
a hard decision for me. But when I came here then I knew it was the
right decision. So I’m very happy here. Something that I really liked
was that it was Iceland. So it was perfect, I could study and come
to an amazing place at the same time.

Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration) – Asif Mahbub Karim

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The Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration) PhD programme is specifically designed for those aspiring
to do research in specific areas in Business and Management. This is a blended learning programme offered by
Asia e University, a leading dual mode university recognised by 34 member countries of the Asia Cooperation
Dialogue (ACD).

For more information on Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration), visit:

the reason behind choosing au is the flexibility mode of the study and since I'm from Bangladesh I had the great scope of doing it part-time though have come here to Malaysia in the last four years almost nine times every trimester I came here attended the workshops attended the research Khaliq were met with my professors here and that has given me a great motivation and cross-cultural fertilization and it has helped me for my career a lot for my advancement without changing my you know schedule or even without leaving my job behind I could do my PhD so far here benefits of becoming having a PhD degree since I am an academician I'm teaching in University in Bangladesh this will greatly helped me in advancement of my career and another great benefit that I have here was I met with lot of professors here who has given me a lot of new ideas to look into things and this PhD will help me to be a better researcher and to greatly contribute my knowledge and experience gathered from a EU for the betterment of the society in Bangladesh as well as in Malaysia as well experience in a EU is simply fantastic and everyone has been so cooperative everyone has been so nice and my adviser my supervisors all the admission people registered office people I mean they have been so nice and so cordial and they have been very very helpful and indeed it is a great learning experience for me and a great place to be in and I feel very proud to be a graduate from Asia in diversity yes I do wish as a university a very high rate of success and I do recommend many many people to come over here from different part of the world and gather knowledge get a degree on your flexible time and because learning has no age limit learning has got no boundaries is only the willingness of the candidate and I'm so happy that sei University has given that platform where we can obtain our desired degree we can obtain our cherished dream and be success and have a very good career in life thank you so much Ashish a University thank you

Doctor of Philosophy (Business Administration) – Muhammad Nusran (Indonesia)

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