University MORNING ROUTINE for 08:30 Lectures

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I a FINALLY sharing this morning routine with you 🙂 I’m so sorry for the delay but I hope you enjoy watching… also, my night routine is coming next!

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hello it's Ruby and today I'm going to finally be sharing with you a university morning routine this video has been so highly requested and I'm sorry I'm only just getting around to filming it so I have actually not been sleeping very well recently so I'm waking up a little later than usual instead of 6 which is the ideal time I'd like to wake up I usually end up waking up at 7:00 7:30 since I have an 8:30 this morning I am waking up at 7 and the first thing I will go and do is put on my bed jacket I just love how old-fashioned it is and my slippers are from Bowden I've had these for about four or five years now then I will put on some classical music on Spotify and I will make my bed I really love to make my bed first thing in the morning because it just starts my day off in a really good foot then I would do 40 sit-ups this is just a good way for me to get my body moving in the morning I personally find it's a really good way to start my day and then I will pick up my hot water for tools and go and fill them up because I get very very cold and it is freezing in England at the moment so this is an essential part of my morning and at the same time whilst I'm waiting for the kettle to boil I will wash my hands and then get started but doing some washing up I usually leave some of my washing up from the night before from dinner then I will just fill up a mason jar with cold water and I will drink a whole glass of this and I will also fill up another glass to bring to my bedroom and Here I am filling up my gorgeous head with hot water I honestly love this hot water bottle so much when I'm back in my room I will choose what I'm going to wear today and since it was really cold I decided I was actually gonna wear a thermal vest underneath my jumper today it was it was thermals weather then I will head to the bathroom to brush my teeth because of course you always have to brush your teeth in the morning and I also read at the same time as doing this but I didn't film any clips of that so the next thing I like to do is use this drops of youth body shop facial exfoliator I've been using this for two three years it's one of only two products that I've faced products that I use and I would really recommend it and I will also have a cold shower because I think it's a really great way to wake you up and get you ready for the day hey Google can you get me my flash news briefing so then I will go put on my Google home to get me the news whilst I open the windows to finally let some daylight in by the way if you're wondering today I am wearing this jumper from Bowden and these trousers from Miss patina with a thermal vest underneath then I will go do my hair and get ready and I'm really sorry for this angle I thought you could see more of my face when you actually can I will just put some bobby pins into my head to keep my fringe tone growing out off my face and I also like to put on some face cream this is the second face product I use I will usually put on some concealer as well then I will head to the kitchen to get some breakfast and the first thing I like to do is just rinse out my water bottles or filling it up for my lectures and seminars this is such an important thing to bring to classes I think staying hydrated when you're learning is so important and I find I concentrate so much better when I have got a water bottle with me so this morning for breakfast I decided to have a yogurt Bowl so I am using this out Pro coconut yogurt with some frozen mango some fruits and berries and some bananas and peanut butter I just love yogurt bowls they are so delicious and really refreshing as well so then I would just go put my shoes on put my key on and put my coat on because as I've said it is very cold and actually a wonder I'm not wearing my ski jacket today because I usually won't waste ski jacket then I will just consult this list that I have which details all of the things that I should bring Who campus with me depending whatever the week it is so since it's Friday I did packed my laptop and attach that we had to read that week and then I just packed my bag and head to campus so after my 8:30 seminar that finishes at 10:30 this particular day I did go to the gym before heading back home and this is just because I had a social this evening so I was going to miss trampolining and I still wanted to get some exercise so I went to the gym to the 11:30 and then I had it back to my room and did some studying so thank you so much for watching today's video I hope that you enjoyed it and I hope that you have a productive you