The Master of Public Health MPH Degree – Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

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The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree at the No. 1-ranked Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is a one-of-a-kind program that attracts students from all over the world. The one-year program, lead by renowned faculty, can be tailored for individual career goals and is flexibly designed for full- or part-time students. Learn more about what makes this degree a unique opportunity for future public health leaders.

a master of public health degree is really a recognized broad-based degree so you have a requirement to get a little taste of everything but then you are able to make the program what you want it to be to fit your needs if you're really worried of change you have to be well prepared if I need a combination of knowledge I'm still able to register for the courses I really want to make me a well-rounded public health student constantly use me to get your messages a lot of sort of historical events that we now look back at as Cornerstone moments in public health our events that are professors attended and participated and I think that's really cool one of our graduates was the deputy Health Minister in Liberia when the Ebola virus broke out and he was able to call upon both you know colleagues as well as the Hopkins Network to try to help solve his issues all of our MPs students have one common thread and that is that they have a passion for public health and want to make a difference what I love about our program is that it allows them to do the full-time program in a 1-year period or the part-time program over a two to four year period part-time mph was perfect so I can work a normal eight-hour day I can find myself you know even making time to watch lectures on the treadmill there's that well organized and put together yeah that's a terrific terrific question Jean in this particular case this offers a really nice opportunity for them to get the experience they want on terms that they can work with our Master of Public Health students are coming from medical backgrounds but others are coming as individuals who have been working with ministries of health or nonprofit organizations in their countries that cohort that you're going to be part of whether it be virtual or in person is is unmatched I think public health is even more crucial for countries like ours that are in developing an amazing feature of our school is that students can work in the East Baltimore community they can work with community-based organizations or public health agencies and this is facilitated by the connections that our faculty members have and can make for students the alumni network is huge and these professionals are just in the u.s. they're worldwide I was able to take a course of David Jernigan so it was really fascinating to hear how alcohol marketing and youth is really changing the face of not only developed countries like the United States but also developing countries in sub-saharan Africa and get exposed to a whole wider range of things than you even thought you were interested in it made me think about the world in a different way actually the varied perspectives and interests among the student bodies between that and the hard work it's an unbeatable combination that you won't find anywhere else

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  1. I have Completed my Medical Education in 1990, then have got masters in Public Health , Have a rich experience in Public Health , as a Trainers , STOP-TEAM 24 in North Sudan 20017, Now am working as District Officer for Prevention & Control in Nowshera, Pakistan. I have trained a hundreds of doctors , nurses , Paramedical Staff, Community Volunteers in various communicable diseases prevention and control. I have a work experience as Coordinator District Health Information System (DHIS). District Coordinator for Lady Health Workers Program, Coordinator For Nutrition , Lead Campaign Support Person for Polio Eradication , district Focal Person for Disaster Management, District Focal Person for Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response System (IDSRS) . Can I have a chance to get job in John Hopkins University Bloomberg ?

  2. My daughter will finish her under graduate Publich Health in Agt/Sept 2018 from Diponegoro State University, Central Java, Indonesia. She wants to be a lecturer and or researcher in Public Health. She is interested in Epidemiology and or Global Public Health. Would it be possible for her to immediately continue to John Hopkins without intensive exlerience in public health? In indonesia to be abel to teache under graduate classes, she/he must firstt posses a Post Gradiuate degree.

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