Why I Withdrew From My Masters Program?

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Hello Everyone!
This video is about why I withdrew from my Master’s program and some reasons why.
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hey everyone is Amy welcome to my channel today I'm going to be talking about why I have decided to drop out of my master's program I've been putting this video off for a long time just because I didn't really want to admit it or film it or record the fact that I quit I posted a video a few months ago maybe in like February quite a long time ago um about getting my master's while in debt I talked about the program I talked about how much cost all of that if you want I can link that in the box below so last month I decided to drop out and I was in still considered in the drop out period I had been enrolled in this master's program for months and I hadn't touched it honestly I could tell you a million different reasons why I decided to do it and some of you guys might think I'm just giving excuses and some of you guys might understand I don't know so first off I decided to end and drop out I don't know withdrawal I guess is a better word from a master's program because I didn't want to get a degree in something I didn't like my bachelor's degree is in criminology adjusted studies it's the same thing I was getting my master sentence however I didn't necessarily enjoy my bachelor's it wasn't what I thought it was when I went into the program I ultimately just decided to finish it because I was almost done with it otherwise I probably would have changed my major so I sat down and I thought about it I hadn't touched it had no inkling to touch it obviously you know some other things had popped up during that time that you know prevented me from working my mom had to have emergency surgery things like that you know I started working a second job and you know just all the stuff so boom ultimately I sat down and I was like okay why did you start this master's program you know and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I felt like I was at a standstill I was working a job I hated hate I still hate it but you know I'm still there so um I was out of school six months and I felt like I was going nowhere I you know I mean like I just I wanted to do something and I think getting my master's program was making me feel like I was working towards something because you know I went from high school straight to college because you know for me it was like after high school there's no like I was going to get a degree in the story there was no question and then after that there's nothing there's no here's what you need to now this is how you do this is how you find a job you like this is your I mean like there was nothing and I felt lost I still feel lost sometimes um and so I got my masters while I was starting to get my masters and I realized I didn't want to spend $9,000 and you know all my time on getting a master's in a program I'm not sure I love you know like I mean obviously it doesn't hurt to have a masters like you know I mean but I wasn't excited to do it I wasn't interested in learning more I felt like I needed to figure out what interests me before I go and get another degree um yeah so that's ultimately why I stopped now obviously other things my mom I ended up having surgery um this isn't her first surgery this one was unexpected she will actually be having another surgery in July so a lot of things are going on part normally wise and it's just I just decided to pull out what I could before I was fully committed to doing this um as far as the program growth I think it's an amazing program you know who wouldn't pay you know nine thousand dollars for the Masters that's nothing compared to other schools you do it on your own time whenever you can and the only you have to give that in five years you know I need like it's an awesome program and cookin later down the road if they offer a master's in you know an area that I want to get it in I'll totally go to that school Cal State or not calculate how close University you know I mean like I not bashing the program and had nothing to do with the program it was just me personally so with that being said all the monies the deposit and the monthly payments were refunded to me so that was awesome the only thing was over fund it was a $75 application fee which you know it's an application fee so you're applying so all that money was returned to me part of the reason I'm making this video is because you will see it in my June budget wrap-up so that's nice um yeah basically I dropped out for personal reasons and I didn't want to spend time and money and effort in getting a degree I didn't I wasn't sure I liked I mean I liked it I you know I'm interested in criminology justice studies I'm just not sure that's what I want to get another degree in so yes I think that's that covers everything I mean it is what it is right so that is my explanation for why I dropped out of my master's program like I said I definitely it had nothing to do with the actual program or the California coast university I think their programs awesome definitely put the link the bio for you guys if you're interested so to online school so I don't have a video on that as well anyways so wanted to stop in and tell you guys about it you know definitely not my greatest moment but you know if it isn't is you know it's done it's one listing honestly on my plate that I have to worry about so yeah that is my video for you guys today if you guys have any comments questions suggestions please put them in the box below and I go back to as soon as I can and I will talk to you later bye

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  1. I am feeling the same way right now. It was too late to change my undergraduate degree and felt that I had no other option but to continue to my master's program. I am in my first semester of grad school and I really want to quit.

  2. College is worthless today so is highschool they do not prepare you for the real world just give you a bunch of education that is useless for a job and useless in how you want to learn and what you want to learn. School was design in the early Greek and Roman days BC before Christ. It's man purpose is so kids have some were to go to stay out of trouble while the parents work. College is a some what different story as it leads to s job a real good job false it just leads to huge amounts of debt that is tied to you until you die you can never escape it unless you come from a rich family or win the lottery. I told my mom I never wanted to go to college I had no intention and no interest in going and paying for it. But I went because my mom made me and so I got two degrees associate and a bachelor's from ITT Tech and I ended up in 100,000 debt and defaulted debt by that. My life is over I applied everywhere and anywhere I could but no one would hire me so I gave up real world sucks after highschool be prepared teenagers you have no idea what awaits you after you get your diploma.

  3. One of the best choice of my life is to drop out of college after 2 years and go work for my Dad. Minimal debt and straight to work at 20. Now on track to retire at 45 if I wanted too.

  4. I get paid to do my MS; of course it is in research, since I was hired as a research and teaching assistance. But it is stupid to do grad-education out of your own pocket.

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